A photo i took stoned in my garage.

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    This is a picture i took with my camera phone. I think it came out pretty cool like a holy joint or a pic from one of those Jehovah witness brochures they hand out hahaha, I wasn't even thinking it would come out like this i was just trying to take a pic of the smoke. What does everyone think? (Bought the paper from this site.):smoking:

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  2. That's a pretty awesome photo dude! What's the light source? Is that sunlight? Or just the light in your garage?
  3. Ha that looks cool

    Jehovah's witnesses brochure? LMAO! You should send them the pic haha just kiddin
  4. Thanks! the light is the sun coming from the windows on the garage door its a pretty cool effect i think.
  5. Awesome :) You should definitely use it as your avatar!
  6. good idea im going to do that thanks!

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