A perhaps nit picky question about feeding schedules...

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Walt White, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Fellow Hydro folk,

    Just dawned on me that I am confused on a feeding schedule issue...If I move from my Veg Room system(3 autonomous UC systems) out of straight up 50/50 mixed grow nutes(1:1...Big Bloom:Grow Big by FF) and into one of my 8 site UC systems in my Flower room where the FF feeding chart says week 1(of 8-9 weeks til harvest) of 12/12 is 3:1:1(Big Bloom:Grow Big:Tiger Bloom) at 1120-1260PPM. Does this mean I start in a sterilized system on transfer day at those week 1 numbers? Or do I run them in clean PHed water until they have been at 12/12 for 7 days? Forgive my ignorance but I am getting the big stuff dialed in finally and now have time for some minutia...thanks

  2. You start with your week 1 nutes - not in an empty system.

    What logic is there in starting empty unless you're trying to do a week long flush?
  3. Actually figured that WOULD be the reason, but Im afraid of lookin dumb in the pursuit of knowledge. Thanks.

  4. I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    You are surrounded by a buncha pot smoking hippies.

    The erudition bar is set pretty low.
  5. I usually flush with water only for one day when moving to 12/12 and bud nutes

  6. I only JUST noticed my typo here...i accidentally omitted the NOT before the word afraid. It should read "but I'm NOT not afraid of lookin dumb in the pursuit of knowledge." I believe the only bad reactions to ignorance are fear and denial. WOW, just noticed I signed with my handle initals from another forum...i musta been EXTRA baked. And the BJ stands for Baseball_Junkie...:) Go M's


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