A perfect night to chill under the nights sky.

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  1. Mentioned this in another couple of posts however have now been made aware of information that makes it even better.

    Now its going to get long now.
    I hate reading some long ass threads unless I'm the right kind of baked so I've marked the real point of the post with an * for ya.

    A bit of background to set the context!
    I got back on Friday afternoon from my few days down south of the UK in my campervan. Had some assessments down there on Tuesday so decided to camp the night before, save the early morning and long drive before hand.
    Before I had left I had considered the possibility of maybe while down there hitting the 100 or so mile trip up to the north coast and doing some surfing, but the weather has been so bad this summer I thought it'd only be a damp few days in the van so was 50/50. I threw my board and wet suit on board anyway and headed off down south.
    Woke up and passed my assessments, knowing I wouldn't be able to pick up to get baked until Saturday and extremely happy with myself I hit the drive to the north coast....as I cruise up the rain sets in and the fog closes in....nice.

    Hit up my old favourite little surf town.
    Grabbed some food and found myself an awesome camp site at the top of the cliffs overlooking the bay.
    But the fog had set in and the rain had been hammering non stop for days so the site was boggy as fuck and the view was all of 10ft......nice.

    The next morning woke up and hit the beach!
    Cloudy as fuck and just drizzle everywhere. So with the wind driving it in off the atlantic everything was getting soaked outside in minutes.
    Got my board and hit the sea, some good waves but a bit chilly without the sun so after a few hours I called it a day and headed into town.
    Toured the shops and stocked up on food and munch for the night ahead.
    One of my mates who I had been talking about a surf trip decided she would come join me for a night or two and brought along one of her mates from town. They rocked up with a tent and a baggie of bud.
    So we got in out the drizzle and smoked out the van and drank a cool box full of beer.
    We ran into a guy on the site who upon seeing our surfboards decided to drop a pearl of wisdom our way. He said there would be a "perfect storm" out there tonight and that the waves would peak perfectly at 7am. So we set our alarms and went to bed.

    Needless to say hitting the beach at 7am after a night of smokes and beer...not easy, I was up but my mate and her friend couldn't do it haha. So we hit it a bit later.
    So I thought with them crashing out for a bit longer I know if I do that I'll just be even tireder when I get back up so I go for a shower.
    Upon coming out of the shower block I see gorgeous sunshine and blue sky!
    It had cleared up and was apparently going to be stunning for 2 days!
    What an awesome surprise so we hit the beach and come across clear blue skies, hot sunshine and perfectly clean waves rolling up the beach.
    Amazing, spent the whole day bar a short lunch break chilling with my mate, new friend out on our boards in the clearest bloody ocean I've ever seen in the UK catching some great waves. Perfect.

    That night, we're packing up the suits and surfboards chatting to the girl in the van next to us. She had been crashing in her van on the beach and we got chatting about the site we were in, she said she could use the facilities for a night and asked to follow us up (the campsite we were on was a bit "off the beaten track") and she ended up joining us on our pitch on the camp site, proper wagon train style around the bbq we had in the middle.
    The clouds that had built up over the evening keeping the heat in allowing us to sit out late into the night putting away beers and passing the joint around watching the sky slowly clear.
    Suddenly it becomes clear that we're looking up looking up at the CLEAREST sky we had ever seen.
    You could even make out clusters of stars running across the sky making up the galaxy, I was blown away.
    With the sound of the Atlantic crashing in the distance, and all pretty baked by now we're sat staring up talking about how many shooting stars we're seeing. One lights up the nights sky and breaks up on entry into 3 or 4 little tails in different directions and we realise we're not looking at a normal night, a quick google later and we know what we're looking at.
    Meanwhile I'm talking about satellite spotting and pointing them out to those who've never watched them before.
    Suddenly the question is asked "is that one there?" and we're all pointed towards a stunningly bright object moving quickly across the nights sky!
    We conclude it MUST be the ISS! Another quick google later and..."Holy Shit man, That WAS the international space station!"

    A couple of beers and Joints later its getting cold so we called it a night ready for another early morning.
    We hit the beach a bit later in the morning but it was stunningly sunny and hot!
    But it was flat as a pancake, we caught a couple as the tide passed over the bank but there was nothing worth having out there really.
    We knew we would have to be heading home that day so we sat out on our boards for about an hour or so just enjoying the scenery and chilling out.
    We must've been pretty chilled out there as I had some fish come up and splash around my board.
    We gave up once the chill of the water started getting through a bit.
    We had parked up before anyone else that morning so we had parked up overlooking the bay out of the way of the car park.
    Closed the curtains and had a joint overlooking the bay :smoke:
    Then baked we went and chilled on the beach for a couple of hours.

    Baked and lying in the sun...lovely but not clever lol.

    /long story.

    Just blown away by that night!
    Sat with some really chill people seeing some fantastic sights in the nights sky none of us having even planned to be there and two of them I'd only just met and as the girl in the van vanished off into the horizon somebody I most likely meet again.
    What an experience to share.
    I'm going to be randomly adventuring in my van more often!

    I'm going to try and get some pics up if I can.
  2. Clearly no pics of the sky with only my mobile to hand however this shot from our pitch should give you a clue what we were looking upon at night...
  3. Mate you at lands end? That's looks beautiful. I've spent a lot of time at Sennen down there. Love that place.
  4. That pic makes me feel really cold, Looks freezing

  5. Didn't make it that far down.
    Its pretty much as soon as you get into Cornwall on the north coast.
    But I love it down there.

    Depends what you're used too I guess!
    That was about 7am. It hit about 25 degrees which is a pretty decent day over here :poke:
  6. Sounds like an awsome night man, its amazing how something as simple as getting together with a bunch of cool people can be so memorable.
  7. I'm pretty high right now so this might not make a lot of sense.

    I think it would have been memorable just to stumble across the ISS and meteor shower but I love how through chance we were all chilling in the right place at the right time.
    Don't always see that shit everywhere in the world.
  8. Sounds like an amazing night i had similar experience with the night sky a day or two ago when a meteor shower came by and i had ingested some fungi. I like the story alot :smoke:
  9. Damn what day was this on??
    I was smoking half a b in my driveway around midnight maybe 3 or4 days ago and i saw a shooting star too...could have been more than one, but i was a lil paranoid about a racoon attacking me or some shit.

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