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A perfect Gift for any toker...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Humboldtbuddha, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. So here a sample pack my pal putting together for another pal overseas ... it has 9 strains in it as of 2night will be 24 total just started it today will take a week or so to fill up with all the diff strains we can .... putting 1 gram in each


    Tell me would'nt you be good all year if santa gave these gifts ???
  2. Damn I want something like that for my birthday
  3. omg that isnt really a gift its more of a Care Package or relief Package . something that saves someone from the lack of good or decent weed. but make sure you put some purple strains in there and maybe a small pipe ? :smoke:
  4. yup you can say that agian ..relief 4 sure ... already has purple strains in it one Erkle and a Purple Trainwreck ... also I am sure will be some others like some OG kush and some Purple haze
  5. That is freaking badass. I would love that for xmas...
  6. i wouldent be able to give that away, my hands wouldent let me.
  7. Hey my birthday is coming up soon...... (hint hint) Lolj/k.

    your buddy is very lucky to have friends that wil send him such a kickass gift.

    Hell love it!
  8. I wish I had good friends.
  9. how is that gonna get overseas?
  10. Damn. I wish i could get a gift like that. I could never give it all away though.
  11. Thats so fucking awesome.
  12. nice man, i like the containers, i also have an archive sorta thing but i only have 3 strains in it..

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