A PERFECT Find!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tokeitall, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Well couple of months ago me and 1 of my boys were standing at a train station waiting for one of our dealers to come down with an 1/8th and we were just standing there chatting for about half an hour when all of a sudden we both see something drop out off a passing bus. We both stoped and started for a good 10 seconds before running over and realising what had " fell" out of the bus window was STICK or 20 BAG of weed we couldnt beleive it so we piked it up and poketed it and about 5 minutes later our dealer came and delivered our 1/8 and we told him what we found so we went out to the trainstation car park and rolled our selfs one FAT BLUNT!!!!

    and it had to be the luckiest find ive ever had:smoke: :hello: :wave:
  2. SOUNDS ALmost unbelievable, nice 1 man
  3. yum yum.
    i found five bucks last night. that's as far as awesome stuff goes for me.
    although i did find a gram during a week where i thought i was totally dry. that always rocks, doesn't it?
  4. hah agreed^^^
  5. Finding random sacks after you had a party is always nice. We collected around 8 grams, 4 from the same sack, and 3 other different types. It was so fucking boss.

    Also I found an 1/8th under my passenger seat when I was cleaning out my car. I literally almost blew my load.
  6. haha damn by far one of the craziest stories of ive heard
  7. haha, sounds like something that would happen on Cops or something. but then all you get busted and shot in the ass
  8. Gotta be careful that its not laced too.
  9. ^^^^ yeh we did'nt even realy think about that until after haha guess we were just to exicted about fiinding it in the first place
  10. Most likely someone got sketched out, thinking they got cops on their tale or something...
  11. Good timing for the find before you met your dealer and split off. How was the bud?
  12. it was pretty decent ay nothing special but
  13. niceeee dude

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