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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. Hooray for everything!! All is well with me and my girl again. So all you who were stressing over my hurt feelings can be free to smile once more :p hahah.

    After a couple long chats, all has been worked out. We decided both of us were a little crazy this month, and that any problems were caused by things happening in both our lives, and had little to nothing to do with each other as people. So i told her i loved her many times, shes did the same, and everyone is happy and smiling and in LOVE!! hahaha.

    lets hope i can keep it like this for a while. oddly enough this could wind up being my first christmas spend with someone i love other than family. going to be a happy time for me i think :D

    i love you all!
  2. well that puts me two steps ahead of ya ;)

    hahahah, actually the weed smoking and drinking was done almost immediately after, but MORE will come this weekend!! Plenty more.

    im headed to a party my friends bro is throwing out in the big city bancoubah!!

    (hahah, bancoubah is vancouver with a HEAVY asian accent incase you didnt know, you here it alot around here hahah.)
  3. young love :D isn,t it grand ?
  4. Kick ass cool for you, Adam!!! I'm happy for you, dude! :D
  5. :D :D :D

    talking to her right now! wow, ive tried to deny it before, thought maybe it wasnt true, maybe i was rushing things, and making up feelings, but damnit, im in love! and theres no turning back now!!

    just you wait rummy, im gonna pull a wife outta this!!! hahahaha!!

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