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  1. The local store(s) around here don't have a big selection, as far as "accessories" for water pipes (ash catchers/precoolers & percs, etc.)... at least not for the size I have, so I have been browsing online for something decent at an affordable price.

    My question is, if I have a piece with a down-stem that accepts a 9mm bowl/slide, what is the size of the down-stem, and accessory stems that would accept a 9mm slide? Currently I have an ash catcher with the bowl built into the top, and the slide is 9mm, which I use completely in-place of the original bowl. I would like the option to add other pieces between the pipe itself and the ash-catcher, or buy other add-ons in place of the one I have now.

    I can take a picture(s) of the current setup I have now, if there is any confusion as to what I am asking.

  2. you're pretty much out of luck with that size....

    most stores carry either 14, or 18 mm glass sizings. Those two are the two most popular, and will have the most accessories.

    Best bet would be to buy an inexpensive, yet quality glass on glass tube in 18mm and go from there. Use your current 9m as a bathroom/outdoor piece, stick with the quality 14 or 18mm for the daily.
  3. That's odd that you say that, because at the store near-by, their biggest selection of slides were 9mm. In-fact, this is my third 9mm piece. I wasn't even aware that this was an uncommon size.
  4. Where do you live? I've never seen a 9 mm slide
  5. Well, I'll be damned, they do exist!

    I would just look online for a 9mm to 14 or 18 mm adapter if I were you though, seems most a/c and whatnot follow these standards.
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    Well, say that I have an ash catcher with a 9mm slide on it, and I would possibly want to find another chamber for that to fit into, before going into the pipe. If its possible, what would I be looking for? I guess what would answer my question is, finding out the diameter of a diffuser-stem that accepts 9mm slides?
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I believe the 9mm that he's talking about isn't the same type of joint as we usually think of when we say 14 or 18.8mm .... I wouldn't call 9mm glass on glass, and I wouldn't think you'll find what you're looking for.

    I'm not sure what you mean though, pictures would definitely help.
  9. Any bong that's got a 9mm slide is bound to be cheap china. Get yourself a nice high end and go from there.
  10. cheap china, psh, usa go! [​IMG]

    headies glass is better though in all honesty brahda
  11. I'm not looking to spend big money on an entire new setup right now. In the future, sure, but right now, it's not something I am looking at. I was hoping to find a $30-60 "accessory" in the mean-time, which is a little more in my budget than buying high-end glass at the moment.
  12. Ive seen a 9mm to 14mm and a 9mm to a 18mm converter but I dont remember where though

  13. I know that AK makes tubes that have small joints and I'm pretty sure they are 9mm

  14. Yes, there are legitimate glass on glass 9mm slides, and there are also china glass slides, those that say there aren't should check this google search originally posted by OP.

  15. So, now that we got that part cleared up, does anyone know the exact size of the stem for a 9mm slide? With obviously how small a millimeter is, I'd rather not guess wrong trying to measure it myself... I mean obviously if 9mm is a standard size to some degree, the stem that accepts them, has to be somewhat of a stanards size as well I would think.
  16. Here's pictures of the setup I'm currently talking about. I'm trying to build this one on a budget, which is another reason why I dont want an expensive piece of glass instead. The piece itself and the ash catcher, were both under $40 each, and the diffuser stem was under $10. All of which were purchased brand new, none of which were bought online.





    And a few bonus pictures, that I'm sure you guys wouldnt mind seeing [​IMG]


  17. Sorry man, but BLECCHH on that rubber grommet on that pipe... I definitely wouldve gotten a more mobile cheap piece than that, but to each his own

    As far as that bud... :eek: Thats impressive, one hell of a pick up
  18. I don't really take it many places, so I dont know why I would want one thats more mobile... unless I'm not understanding what you're saying.
  19. I think he just smokes on the go because he cant smoke at home

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