A Northern Lights Cannabis Plant Weekend (Pics)

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  1. Friday:

    I got off work and my friend Bryan was asking if I wanted to throw down with him and a few people to get some buddha, willingly I said sure, sounds good to me! So I hit up my buddy Kyle, it's his birthday, and ask him if he wants to come with me he agrees and brings his money and we go off to my friend Brian's house.

    So we pull up and there are about 5 of us all throwing down 20's, 10's, 5's, 1's and so on all towards Marijuana.

    In total we got $100 ready to go:


    No one there had any bomb chronic dealers but myself so I called my guy up and he tells me to meet him in the parking lot near a supermarket. We all pull up and I stroll up to my dealers car and THIS is what he gives me.

    Northern Lemon/COLOR]Lights




    Smell: Dank skunk with a hint of lemon
    Taste: VERY tangy/fruity
    Price: $100.00 for 5.5
    Nugs: Since I took the pics off my blackberry, i can only describe the nugs had an amazing amount of orange hairs, it had a very distinct yellowish tinge color to it aswell.
    High: Very spacey, to tell you the truth describing the high I got from this is nearly impossible. :/

    Anyways, we are all DROOLING over this bud so we go over to a spot I had found for large groups of people (no space in the car) to smoke freely and be comfortable. So we head to the spot and I loaded a bowl up of this shit in my Sherlock bubbler "Frosty" and this was the pic i took JUST after hitting it:


    After ONE single hit (the bowl was partly clogged too BTW) of this fine bud, my head was spinning. I felt like I could fall over any minute AFTER ONE HIT. I have never smoked bud in my life that made me feel that way after one hit.

    Anyways, we all smoked about 2 bowls and where all spinning equally, I looked at EVERYTHING around me and it all seemed like purple hues where everywhere changing into darker shades of purple, I would look at my arm and it would look fine one second the next I would see purple. It's very hard to explain!

    Later that Friday night:

    So we have smoked a total of 10 bowls and a joint since earlier that day, I have never been so high in my life. We where heading to my friend Mary's house and she makes me take care of her bud plants and what not and I FINALLY got a picture of it! I have only been taking care of it for 2 weeks and none of us are sure what it exactly is (the seeds that where used where never identified.) maybe you all can help out on that in the pictures below, but we blazed and blew smoke at this plant all night!

    This is the NEAR THE TOP of the plant, it stands about 3 feet or so high:

    The very highest point of the Cannabis plant, I had to actually reach my hand up to take a pic of it:

    This one is near the BASE of the plant, you can see the planting pot on the bottom:

    And this one is what LOOKS like its the BOTTOM of the plant but I'm not too sure, it's a HUGE plant:

    R.I.P / Resurrection:

    So this pic right below has to be one of the weirdest things, I took that pic approx. 10 minutes before FROSTY my glass bubbler broke in half, right in that seem where my index finger is.


    How it broke?

    Well, I was sitting down with my pipe tucked under my belt band of my pants, and I stood up very baked and said "Goodbye my darling" to the Cannabis plant right next to me and almost right after I said that I hear a loud pop and the sound of glass against tile. I found it to be very odd that my pipe broke shortly after the best picture I have ever taken of that pipe and right after I said 'goodbye' to it.

    Luckily...It was a straight break, no pieces, so I bundled it up to worry about it after my CRAZY WEEKEND was over...The pipe was fortunately fixed with trusty superglue, and it's BARLEY noticeable and still hits like a champ.

    Soooo anyways, we all trail off to this fire pit spot right in Mary's backyard, since frosty is out we used my buddies water pipe, that blue that you see right there is the water in it:


    That thing got me higher than space.

    Anywho, turns out, my weekend was WAYYYY to long to explain any further, so perhaps I will end the story here with one pic I manged to salvage on Saturday night right before bed I rolled these for the 3 of us that where hanging out that day:


    If you have any questions or if you'd like to know about how crazy the rest of my weekend was, I'm more than willing to tell you, but I have no remaining pictures from the weekend unfortunately.

    Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to document all my experiences, most of the time I'm just too lazy to whip out my phone. :p

  2. niceee looks like a fun weekend.
  3. $100 for 5.5? that kinda sucks.

    sweet plant, i agree with C25H20N3oisgood, you had a sweet weekend
  4. i had a sick bowl named frosty, RIPH. Rest In Police Hands
  5. that looks like more than 5.5

  6. 1. i would never pay $100 for 5.5

    and 2. you shouldnt be blowing smoke at the plant... it aint to healthy for it.. but it is a giant plant none the less. should be quite a harvest.
  7. Yeah i'm with Macka Spliff. That sucks ass.

    The shit i get isn't as good as the shit in that pic, but i could get like 14 grams with 100 bucks.

    Then again, from the sound of it, that shit was insane, so go figure.

    Sounds like a sweet weekend. This weekend i'm going to the movies while high with a few friends. Gonna see a nice light-hearted one, plus were gonna smoke insane amounts of pot beforhand
  8. Looks like you had an awesome weekend!
  9. you shouldn't blow smoke on your plant.. but you will have a pretty high yield on that bitch.
    good luck and good smoking!:smoke:
  10. that looked pretty good
  11. u should of gotten another 1.5gs for 100 bucks.. your kinda gettin ripped off,
  12. Awesome night Dude:hello:
  13. 100 bucks gets me about 14 grams, but nonetheless nice pickup, sick pieces, and sounds like an awesome weekend.:smoking:
  14. if its northern lights i could see paying 100 for 5.5

    most dealers around here in the midwest sell q's 120/8ths 60 if it's super kill
  15. $100 for 5.5 grams is... dicey at best.

    I bought 5 grams of dank for $70 the other day.

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