A Normal Day Turns into Me Staring at 50 Plants

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  1. So
    Yesterday I start My Day Like Any Other Day
    Wake N Bake and Head off to my Morning Classes
    BUT yesterday was no ordinary day
    See as I was leaving my Class An Idea came to Me.
    Why Not Go Buy a Vape
    So i go down to My Local Head Shop (Big Als In Berkeley)
    & Pick Up the Suggested Vape They offer Me
    A Hands Free Vape Tower for $149
    Prior to yesterday I have Never Vaped Before
    so I buy the vape test it out
    works Amazing
    Hits so smooth i'm half tempted to get rid of all my Glass Now

    well after a couple sessions with My Buddy
    He tells me he's having a friend come over who grows and he brags constantly about having the craziest strains and smokes the fattest

    So his comes over and i pack some more trees in the vape and we all enjoy another session
    So after a while in my room he starts to notice a old bong of mine I had & after a bit of talking ends up actually buying the piece off me for a 100 bucks as well to head over to his house to smoke more
    So We All Head over to his house which is on some farmland 20 miles out from my house, where he shows me My Wet Dream
    A Room I'd say about 10 by 15 ft with Plants all up to my Waist
    & and that very moment I just stand there speechless for I've never seen more than just one or 2 plants being grown at a time
    I mean its one thing to see pictures but another to actually stand there and see it for yourself.
    So After He goes thru and explains a lil of his growing techniques and shows mother plants he pulls out just a lil 20'' Glass on Glass Bong With an Ice catcher & Begins to Pack a Bowl but does something odd to me and packs tobacc. in with the weed in the bowl
    Which is something ive never done other than with blunts. So I take My First Rip of the weed/tobacco and IMMEDIATELY have to sit down in between the rows of plants to keep from stumbling over them. I had no idea how much of a headrush mixing tobacco and weed gives you. so after a minute of adjusting to the headrush i continue on with our session while amongst the plants still. After a while it starts to get late and I decide to head home. Where Soon as I get Home My Next door neighbor comes stumbling and laughing towards my car. Lit off His Ass and Invites me in for one last blunt for the day. Then After I finally actually get inside my house close my eyes and go to bed disappointed knowing that no dream I have that Night will compare to my experience tI had that day. . .

    End Result

    High for over 15 hours BUT somehow manage to remember every detail of it =-)

    anyone else have some stories they feel like sharing?
  2. So yall were toking in the growing room?
  3. Kewl story man. Uhh.. i was high yesterday. And it was fun.
  4. I bet you will remember that for the rest of your life.
  5. did you get the guys number!? Growers are gonna be your best source for bud man, no middle man just direct buying.
  6. Sounds like it was a good day. i been having good days to since i finished my jail time.
  7. Ermm...sounds like the guy gonna get fuck over soon.

    Bragging about his grows? Tsk tsk

    and look, you're already told like hundreds people!
  8. i wonder how that tobacco smoke makes all his plants feel
  9. wow, sounds like a pretty awesome day man.

    I wanna try packing a fat bowl with some rolling tobacco thrown in.

    What kind of Tobacco did this dude use? and did you notice the hit being any harsher?
  10. No one with half a brain and a large grow room would invite random people they had just met into it. So just keep in mind this guy's an idiot.
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    Growers are the only source of bud its the only way to get weed. If there were no people who had the balls and attention span to grow it there would be no weed.

    Everyone who tokes should grow that way theres noone making ridiculous amounts of money off of something that is so simple to get. If everyone grew once and realized how easy it is there would be no more dealers and everyone would realize how much money they wasted.
  12. Lol thats exactly what i was talking about when i asked if they smoked in the growroom. Whether its tobacco or herb, that smoke is not good for the plants.
  13. Is he a legal grower? Probably not with 50 plants.

    If this was around here, I'd think the kid was an idiot for showing off and I'd be careful picking anything up. You can't beat a grower as a connect but you don't want the bacon wagon sitting outside.

    One time cops sat outside a connect's house and picked up everyone coming out. It was before the weekend so nobody got out until Monday. They were just picking everyone up for 2-3 days and nobody knew. I don't pick up bud on weekends anymore.

    It's probably way more laid-back in Cali though. Good luck with your new grower friend.
  14. see

    ive indirectly bought weed off him for the past 2 years and were Both best friends with the same person and have been hearing of one another for quite some time

    but not until the other day did i finally meet him

    so its not like i was a random dude he just never even heard of before


    yea we did smoke in the grow-room


    lol 2 of the plants are for a club

    rest....yea about that


    as far as telling hundreds of people

    alls the info a person would have would be somewhere in the Bay area of CA

    GL figuring the exact spot out with that =P
  15. For future reference, no bueno on smoking in the growroom. I would suggest that to him the next time you meet.

  16. I have heard from a lot of experience growers that is nearly essential to smoke around your plants for flavor and other reasons. Could be bullshit but who knows.
  17. your stories sound odd to me
  18. hahahah word man...but yeah fuck sounds like a good day bro
  19. Probably makes them jealous...

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