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A noob question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Easy_Skanking, May 31, 2009.

  1. So I've been hesitant about asking noobish questions, but hell. You guys are alright, and there's nothing wrong with a question right? Can't be afraid to ask the simple questions.

    So I was wondering the other day, how do dealers get weed into a nugget? I recently bougt some homegrown and it was just dried leaves, so It got me wondering.
  2. simply put the nuggets are the plants flowers (calyxes) just all bunched together - when the flowers or calyxes grow on top and around each other you get a bud
  3. So what's the difference (potancy etc.) between a nug and a leaf?
  4. Plants grow buds you just trim them to make sure there not leafy, The 'homegrown' you got was just poorly trimmed.
  5. omg i never knew how beatiful nugs were on the inside.
  6. the whole point of smoking MJ is to ingest the little trichomes that contain the THC and other compounds

    those little trichs are covering the leaves and buds - the only difference is that the buds are larger and have more surface area so they generally carry a lot more of what you want to actually inhale

    hope that makes sense
  7. ....weed grows into nugs aka buds
  8. when the weed grows on plants, it grows into the nugs. You smoke them because when heated it releases thc. You can smoke leaves, but they have a significantly lower thc concentration.
  9. Brilliantly put.

    Well there you go /thread


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