A Night in the Garden of Divorce

Discussion in 'General' started by Smithnpeek, Jul 4, 2004.


How's the home life?

  1. Family A - My parents are still together and love eachother dearly

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  2. Family B - Parents are divorced and if they saw eachother, it'd probably be on pay-per-view

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  1. Not too long ago (about ten years) I remember most families being incredibly loving and caring. Gathering for "family night" reading books by the fireplace, toasting marshmellows, telling jokes, loving eachother.

    But now it seems that most parents are divorced and can't stomach looking at one another. I've grouped today's families together into two categories:

    Family A:
    Parents are still together and frequently remind eachother how much they love one another. There's a dog, a family dog, that everyone loves and is constantly "baby talking" to. Oh yeah, and when your dad comes home from a hard day's work, he tongues the phrase "Honey, I'm Home.

    Family B:
    Mother constantly complains about how much of an asshole your "good for nothing shitbag of a dad" is, who by the way, isn't allowed within a 100 feet of the house. You eat fast food every night and are subjected to grocery shopping with your mother when she isn't tired enough from all the work she's been doing.

    So, who's parents are divorced here? And who's are still together?
  2. my parents are divorced cuz my moms a heroin addict, i aint seen her in like 14 hours.... and yea i pretty much eat fast food everyday and when i dont eat that i jus eat a buncha crap thats not good for me
  3. my parent sare divorced.... lo... but its not as bad as your 2nd sceneario....
  4. yo negligent dont eat fast food every day, you know some guy ate mcdonalds every meal for like 3 months and he had to be hospitalized becuase he was malnurished and his collesteral was so high he almost had a heartattack,
  5. A all the way
  6. My parents are divorced, but they get along when they see each other. Now my sister and my parents, that's a pay-per-view event right there.
  7. im fortunate enough to have my parents still together, but i dont think its going to last when i leave the house

    im thinking my parents just stuck together for me and my sister
  8. My parents are still together, so I'm happy with that.
  9. My parents divorced when I was five. It wasn't the best thing for me but it was for my mother and I understand why she did it.
  10. I think nearly all my friends' parents are divorced, so i feel lucky that mine are still together. I wouldnt say that our family sounds as cheesy as situation A though. Lol.
  11. My parents are still together after being married for 52 years...

    They are to old to divorce now.. :D
  12. mine are still together, married 31 yrs,and still act like highschool sweethearts. goin for walks holding hands, u don't see much of that anymore nowadays;)
  13. mine are still together, but i feel they only are cause of my sister
  14. Saying theres 2 types of marriages/families is like saying there 2 types of people.
  15. Uh...there are innumerable types of people. ^^ You've confused me.

    Mine are still together and are probably too old to divorce. They kind of half hated half loved one another. Never anything as "perfect" as A, but we do have two dogs : -D.
  16. yes but saying a joke can be funny ;)

    anyways im in column B since i was 7.

    best thing that ever happened to me. i loved it.

  17. that was my point. hes saying theres only 2 types of marriages, ones that are good and theyre still married, or ones that went bad and now the 2 people hate each other. Theres as many ways for a marriage to turn out as there are people who are married
  18. that's true that there's more than one kind of marriage, but it seems he chose just 2 options.

    Family A or Family B.

  19. hnes just trying ot make it easier..... those seem to be two types... divorce and still together.. hes not gonna go list all different situtaions and twisty turny otucomes......
  20. my parents got divorced when i was 7... it was painful for everyone i guess, but i didnt even really know my dad, he was always at work. i really didnt know my dad until i was about 11, when he started taking me to lunch on wednesdays, and when i was 13 i had to go live with him on the weekends. i know hate going to his house because he has a bitchy annoying girlfriend and she has a bitchy annoying 4 year old. and there is nothing to do were he lives, because i know no one there...so i dont go there much anymore, i just chill with my dad alone now....its about quality, not quantity(this goes for a lot of things)

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