a night in Bumtildeath's shoes: pics

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Sovereign Psyche, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. just picked up 2 rolls
    and an eighth of opium

    took out an eighth of mushies from my own personal stash

    heres whats up for tonight
    smokin some op.
    til i start candy flippin tonight, then im goin to a party, and prolly drinking alittle too

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  2. opppppiiiiiuuuuummmmm for the win.
  3. hells ya

    im sparkin it up right now

    oh god i love that smell:D
  4. Oh man, I am pretending that I am smelling it right now! :cool: Smells Grrrrreeeaaaatt! Haha. Enjoy dude! :cool:
  5. :mad: - I wish I was you tonight. Enjoy, sir.
  6. Thinking about that opium smell made my nose hungry.
    Good vibes man.
    You're gonna have some craaazy fun.
  7. your missing the weed

    a proper part stash isn't complete without some dankness (and cigs if u smoke them)
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    what are drug tests for?

    to keep ppl from smokin weed

    it sure as fuzz aint keepin me from anything else

    bullshiz, aint it?

    and cigs, i got em
    marlboro reds

  9. awwwwww

    pro-bo sux

    how much longer r u gunna be on it?
  10. march

    not tooo much longer
    but its w/e

    my PO is pretty cool
    hardly ever tests me, but its better to be safe, than spend a month in jail

    lets me reschedule too
  11. True that, I need to find an opium supplier.

  12. i never got a single test my entire time, idk y but i didn't
  13. They really aren't a big deal - unless your really cool and popular. Drug tests are all the rage!
  14. Isn't candy flipping LSD + MDMA? I think shrooms + mdma is called hippie flipping...
    Regardless, you're lucky as hell for having all that. And I'm with everyone else in this thread, the smell of opium is heavenly.
  15. damn i got tested every two weeks pretty much. color code is a bitch.

    i know im weird but i dont like the smell of opium. but its never stopped me.
  16. Yeah , a candy flip is LSD + MDMA. Hippy Flip is Mushrooms + MDMA. Regardless looks like an amazing night. I was supposed to get screwed up tonight but , I got caught with weed on me today. I'm screwed for a while.
  17. w/e
    hippy flip

    im drunk
    \i just drank and smoked that opium tonight
    im um...:hippy flippin: tomorrrow night
    im drunk
  18. Lucky lucky guy you are. Been havent blazed in 22 days now.

    I really want to know what it's like to candyflip/hippyflip! Ive done shrooms twice and MDMA once individually. Never done acid... yet.
  19. i like your shoes man :D
  20. i love my shoes

    not forrealsyreals
    but for fakesyfakes'
    but furreals
    i love my shoes
    i know sooo many ppl
    i went to a party
    where i wasnt supposed to know anyone]
    2 ppl have been to my parties before
    1 mother fucker went to a school in a completely different town

    ya kno what,
    fuck this
    i hate knowin everyone
    its bull
    i wanna get outta this town
    i dont wanna know anyone anymore
    im tired of knowing evey fuckin person every fuckin where i go
    its fuckin bullshit

    im drunk

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