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  1. Friday, July 7, 2006...

    So it's mid-day afternoon, about 3:00pm, on a pretty warm, summer day; essentialy not-a-damn thing to do. So I head over my good friend Jon's house to maybe make the day a little less boring. Little did I know, that the next 8 and a half hours were about to be going down in history; "Most Awesome Things in My Life".

    So it's about 3:20 or so when Jon and I get so bored, we get on out bikes to ride around, and drink these couple of beers that we had, and smoke this Vanilla Prime Time (mini cigar). So we're riding around, we go behind a store, drink, smoke, then take some resin hits out of my pipe that I always have on me. Needless to say, our day started to become a little less boring.

    After that, we head over to the nearest skate park and see what's going on over there. I saw one of my old good friends from my old work, and we stared talking, got his number, and he's all, "Man, If you ever need some bomb ass shit (weed), call me up, I'll hella hook your ass up fat!". So I'm all, "Cool" you know? Always nice to have another source for the herb, right? ;-) So after that, we ride back to Jon's house and chill for another 10 minutes.

    We get bored. That didn't take long. So we're all, "Fuck it, let's go riding", thinking we're going to go do something productive...

    ..So we ride down to the nearest headshop.

    Upon arrival, we are greeted by this kid outside, and he opens the door to the shop for us. I'm all "Oh shit, you work here?" and he's all "Yeah". I asked him if it was cool to store our bikes in the shop, to which he replied "Not a problem, man!" So we head in the shop, dry of customers, it was me, Jon, and the kid running the shop.

    The guy and I started talking about pieces for a bit, then he brought up how he wanted to start growing. I started telling him all the shit that I've been learning (especially from GC!) about growing and all that shit. Needless to say, he was throughly impressed. As we started talking more and more, he started to feel that he could trust us, and quickly became friends.

    After a couple hours of shit chat, the kid says, "Wait here, I got a surprize you guys will like!". He goes back in the shop, and comes out with what looked like a giant ass Rice Crispies treat. "Take a fat chunk man!" he tells us. So as we grab our big ass piece, I immediatly know whats up...these crispies are dankly infused with the ganja! I was all, "Hell yeah!" They were hella good! After we scarfed those down (and started feeling pretty good after 15 minutes), we kinda helped him close down shop, by counting some pipes and bongs and shit, just trying to make closing go by faster.

    So then we close up shop, and he's all, "Hey, let's head to my car and we'll smoke the rest of this blunt I got chillin'!" We're pretty high from the food, and weren't about to pass on the grass itself.....we took him up on it. So we smoke the rest of the blunt (and some BBBOOOMMMBBB ass dank too!)......


    Me and they guy exchanged numbers and definatly gonna go smoke again, and help out with growin' and shit.

    I was so inspired by this night! Some random fucking day we decide to go browse some glass we get smoked out for free by some guy we have known for little more that 3 hours! My friend believed I gained his respect quick by knowing my shit. I don't know about that, but if so, I owe it all to GC and its folks here for hookin me up with free knowledge about the greatest fucking plant on the face of this earth.

    Thanks a bunch, City! Smoke a bowl, You deserve it!

  2. nice man, seems everyone's always meeting someone off this stuff. Man, it's stories like these that make me mad weed is illegal, think of how tolerable everyone would be if we all smoked.
  3. I met a shitload of people through weed, especially in high school, most of my friends that i still have now i know from just toking before high school and shit. Sounds like you had a cool day, its always fun to get sparked up on some trees.
  4. Ive met some really cool people through weed, some are the most open minded people I know, others are a little crazy but chill none the less, others have great stories. (one of my dealers used to buy and sell by 15 pound blocks, until he cleaned out pennsylvania for all its worth.
  5. Dude, I love days when you do hella fun shit w/ yur homie and get faded, knowing that this is a time that you'll never forget. +rep on the story, you kept me entertained.:smoking:
  6. I just, and still, cannot believe it happened though...

    It was like it was out of a good dream or something.

    (It's like pie and chips...for FREE!)

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