A nicely set up Ebb + Flow setup

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  1. First of all I would like to give a big thank you to my biggest mentor and guide. A big thank you to SmknVTEC, without your guidance I would have failed my last grow.

    I will be regularly posting the progress of my nugs as they grow so watch and enjoy.

    As of now I am lightly spraying them with 1/3 strength of a High Phosphorous nutrient (10-50-10) perfect for rooting. I will do this until they are about 5" in length then I will commense Phase I.

    Phase I: Flood and draining, using a 15min increment timer, 4 times a day during the hours of which the 3 42w CFLs are running (18/6), using a vegetative formula slowly increasing the strength (starting from 1/2 strength).

    Phase II: Once they are about 14". I will flower with the 600w Hps hooked up to a 400w ballast. I will also run the fan during the hours the light is on. I will gradually increase the times a day I flood and drain as the plants get bigger.

    Any comments or critiques are very much appreciated.

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  2. You should prolly' git' those wool cubes in a tray ......flood the tray once a day ....ya need to push out the gasses and suck in new ones ( the theory behind ebb and flow) you can suck out the water with a turkey baster....
    ya might wannathink about not misting yer makin a mess of yer Mylar :)
    and move the 42's closer yer' startin to stretch
    Other than that yer plan sounds like a good one..
    Good Luck :bongin:
  3. So today i find out that my fucking 600w Gavita bulb won't work. Major suckage! I can hear the ballast humming everytime i plug it in so i know it's not the ballast. When i screw the bulb in while the ballast is plugged in, i only get a small flicker in the bulb. Seems like i need a new bulb, has anyone had this problem before? With a Gavita?
  4. I'm about 17 days into vegging. I've noticed a little bit of mold growing on the rockwool cubes, so i treated it with some No Damp solution i'll be treating them until the mold goes away. About to order a new 600w hps bulb. Cuz mines not working. Can you believe there are still 19 plants in that tray?!?!
    Prolly going to flower in a week.

    I'll keep yall posted. :wave:

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