a nice night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hella chronic, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. ok so i call up my friend and hes liek dude i got this hella bomb ass AK so im like tight so i head over to his place and we smoked out of his roor adn then we meet these 5 girls at an old elementry school adn they came back with us and were olike wanna smoke?.....nope they bust out some 151 and some 1800 jose i was shit! so i call like 15 other people and they bring beer and more weed nad one person brought weed cookies and brownies so i helped my self so we end up partying it up til liek 4 and i was stoned outa my mind and thougfht no one was in my frinds room so i kick back and just listen to music and all of a suden i here this "uhhh ohh yeah uhhh" moaning i open my eyees and my frinds making out with this girl and shes like rubbing her clit intensly randomly with her pants and everything still on.. and they wouldnt leave and then i kinda zoned out for a while until i herd her like almost like scream out when she came .so i said fuck it and got teh fuck outa there took liek 6 shots and hooked up wiht a giorl who evently went down on me and then my friends mom came home and just laughed at us but we were pretty much passed out nad broke nohting so she didnt
    care nad then we woke up and ate some pancakes and a special brwonie(his mom hates smoking by the way)....life is good:smoke:

    im still hella high
  2. Yea brownes will do that to ya.
  3. I went down to the beach and saw Kiki she was all like ehhh and I was like whatever! Then this chick comes up to me and shes all like "hey aren't you that dude?" and I'm like yeah whatever! So later I'm at the pool hall and this girl comes up and shes like awww and I'm like yeah whatever!

    'Cause this is my United States of Whatever...

    Sorry, that just popped into my head when I tried to read that post. :p
  4. Haha, that made me crack up.

  5. you guys arent focusing on the point!

    pshh stoners:rolleyes:
  6. AK + Roor + Girls + Liquor + Empty House + Bud Edibles + Music + Action = Good Night
  7. damn sounds like a hell of a good night

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