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    Recorded a documentary on grow houses the other night and took a few snapshots.
    Looks good, so I thought maybe someone else would appreciate them too.
    Wasn't sure where to post it, but this is definitely a grow, and it's indoors.
    If only I had this much space/light:-

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  2. Who says bigger isn't better? Looks bloody good to me!
  3. Nice plants I wonder if I could get my first plants like that hmmmmm
  4. Another Site?
    Great Job.
    Keep it up.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous.
    What a grow.
    What great work.

    Are those CFLs with reflectors in picture 10?

  6. Not sure - the camera didn't swing far enough
  7. My cfl came with a reflector in the kit i bought so im surr it could be :D
  8. I just played through that part of the video again.
    It might look like it, but it's not CFLs, they're HPS lights.
    Here's another angle in the same room:-

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  9. i wonder what that lot would yield?

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