A Nice Little Gif On How Cannabis Is Spreading

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Storm Crow, May 28, 2013.

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  1. It's a good start.  
    Hey Granny! :wave:
  2. Hopefully it will all be dark green by 2015!
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  3. Need some green in Florida!  :yummy:
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  4. Oooo I absolutely love this, Thanks!
  5. Great gif.
    Thanks for sharing! :)
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    very short, for now. Hopefully within a few years we can have most of those states green by the end of the gif
  7. Nice post...Thank You for sharing. This does prove the point I have been making. Legalization is a STATE issue...not a federal issue. This fight will be won in the states and the more states that legalize the more pressure on Federal lawmakers to deal with a Federal solution to the disparity between state/federal law. Keep up the good work people.
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  8. I hope we are free to smoke one day !
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  9. Be nice if they included all the decrim'd states on the map. LOL!
  10. uhhh, im pretty sure i saw the compass light green as decrim. a lot of that happened in the late 70's if i remember?
  11. My state is the sketchiest one!


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