A Nice Cop! (yes, its true!)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by illsmosisyou, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. A had the pleasure of meeting a nice cop a few nights ago. I was rather wasted and ripped when we decided to ehad to a diner. ok...10 people in one hatch back honda civic. doesn't work, so i decided i'd be nice and trunk it.

    then we get to the diner and there's a cop. we're like, shit, he's gonan fucking bust us for having too many people in the car. then he's asks, "whats goin on?" the girl who was driving just figures she'll go for the lesser penalty "i have 4 in the back seat and we're just waiting for a freidn so we can split up. i have 4 in the back and one in the trunk."

    shiiiiiit, she said i was in there. so the cop freaks, "WHAT?! Is he in there voluntarily?" At this point I hop out and i say, "yeah, i totally volunteered" (shot eyes n all). so he decides to be awesome and he says, "okay. well, have a good night."

    we were so exstatic, we oulda gotten royally fucked and we didn't because i had met the first good cop in my life.
  2. Hahaha, that's pretty awesome. You guys probably looked like a fucking goof troop in that car with you in the trunk, all messed up. Good shit. Nice story, with a good ending. : - D
  3. ^ hah goof troop^
  4. Haha, you rode in the trunk... thats funny...

    Where in CT do you live?
    I live near New Haven.
  5. thats awesome man that would never happen where i live but everyone somkes cigs around here EVERYONE so if u just roll a thin joint then the cops dont even know or care one or the other
  6. i ride in the trunk all the time even when theres only like two people in the car its just so fun the speakers are right next to your head and its all dark and especially when your stoned its crazy i love it

  7. That had to have been one of the funniest things that cop has ever seen. That's fucking hilarious.
  8. haha i can just see the look on that cops face when you jump out of the trunk...haha thats great. Good luck for you too, hopefully thier will be more nice cops soon to come.
  9. my neighbor is a cop! he's pretty cool, but i wasn't sure about his views on pot, until one day...

    i was walking down the street with my girlfriend, baked as hell. so i see this cop car and i'm like shit! so i make sure everything is in my pockets and i try not to look stoned...lol... so he gets out of the car, and i realize its my neighbor. he looks at me, and then at my girlfriend and goes "so whos this? haven't seen you before!" i answer his question and then he says: "let me see your hands." so i pull them out of my pockets and hold them out. then he grabs them and smells my hands... i now realize what hes doing...and i realize this guys smoked pot before. so he tells me to hand over my stash. and i'm like "what are you talking about?" and he says "you know exactly what i'm fucking talking about, now don't make me search you. this could be a pretty embarassing scene." so i hand it over and now he asks for my pipe. so i told him i didnt have one. he told me not to lie and i handed it to him. he made us get in the back of his car, with his dog! and i was freakin out because there is a big ass dog that bites people right next to me, and i had no idea where we were going! so after a few minutes we stop and i couldnt really see outside. he opened the door so we could get out, and we were in the middle of no where. now i'm thinking "is this gay crazy?!? wtf is going on?" and out of the blue he gives me everything back and tells us to bake our asses off right here, he said no one will find us, and that he didnt want me walking around town high. and he left. i'd never been to this place before, and it took a while to fiure out how to get out, but now i go there all the time. ive never seen anyone else there, its a little far out of the way. but now i got my own little spot.

    sorry my little story's been so long...just thot i'd share another nice cop experience
  10. thats so sick.. i hate cops

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