A nice bowl i just smoked

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by P to the enguin, May 31, 2009.

  1. So i just smoked a bowl of this:

    first layer comprised of some sour diesel

    2nd layer comprised of kief from some mids to dank from the past week or so

    3rd layer comprised of some trainwreck

    4th layer comprised of more kief

    and now...im very very stoned. :smoking: lol

    anyone else done that before?
  2. 1st layer: some crystal meth (dank shit btw)
    2nd layer: some black tar
    3rd layer: bit of crack i had left
    4th layer: OC 80

    vaping has never been so much fun

  3. sounds delicious....
  4. Mix and match? No thank you. I like my sessions to consist of 1 type of bud, 1 type only. When I start mixing, it messes with the high. Not as enjoyable.

  5. haha i was just kidding bro, i only smoke the bud
  6. haha, nah I was talking to the OP.
  7. Actually, I think weed salads are way better than smoking just one strain IMO.
  8. I'm the kind of smoker that likes to take it slow. I like to feel the high gradually rise. I find if I mix and match, it hits me too soon, and overwhelms me. I like to be able to control just how high I go.
  9. I like a mix but it depends on how high I wanna get.
  10. i don't like mixing my weed i like to injoy one weed at a time so i can injoy the diffrent tastes and highs of each weed

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