A newbies grow log. Bagseed + Easy Ryder 600w hps + cfl

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  1. Thank you all who have commented on my topics that I have started before this..
    It has helped me greatly.

    My previous experience is a pc grow with CFL 1 plant (Easy-ryder)

    Now a year later, I have finally got my grow room almost where I want it to be.

    I am currently growing 3 plants

    2x Easyryder (29/1/14) (30/1/14/)
    1x Random Freebie "Feminized #1" (31/1/14)

    I germinated the seeds at the same time however they all sprouted on different days!

    I will be using a 600w HPS - Old magnetic ballast
    Bio-Bizz Nutes

    Easy ryder 29/1/14 
    Easy ryder 30/1/14 shorty..

    I have a, slow extractor fan+carbon filter ,attached to the cool tube is a 5" in-line 180cfm.

    I have bought some ducting, which will be attached and extracted straight to the outside through an air vent. In about 3-4 days, then I will remove  the CFL's. In a few weeks I'll buy another carbon filter before she starts smelling and attach that to the cool tube. Hopefully wont gain too much temps
    One question without getting into too much detail:
    If for 3/4 days I turn my hps bulb on for 30mins then have it off for 1 hour, at a 24/7 time schedule  will it damage the bulb?
    Will update maybe everyday, or every 2/3 days, with pictures!

  2. Update 02/02/14!

    Mechanical Timer is a paint in the behind, I cant get it to turn on for 30 minutes, it just sticks to being on - I tested with a light outside and I believe it's due to the grow room temp causing the contacts to do something I dont want them to, thats all I can think of, or unless it just doesn't like being connected to a 600w HPS... Temps got up to 40c with it behind left on for 2 and a half hours. Hopefully get the ducting tomorrow (Monday!)

    The seed in the little plant pot was germinated last - and yet it seems to be overtaking the smaller Easyryder already :)


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    Update 03/02/14

    As you can see I got the ducting

    Temps have dropped, although because of the bend, have lost alot of CFM - will be adding another fan + carbon filter later.

    One question I have though-

    I have a infra-red temp reader, and it's giving me 28 at the 2 mylar walls, white walls are 27, the soil reads 31-33, but the leaves are about 26. Is this ok? I think it is so I will leave unless someone comments... Hopefully the soil doesn't get too dry? It's about 35% Rhumidity which i know is low but cant think of any ways to raise it without buying a humidifier. And it can easily drop down to 12C when lights off(18/6) 
  4. A bit sad... I should of seen this coming..

    5" fan connected to cooltube has melted, fan blade had fallen off during night, 38c in the grow room.

    Not sure what to do now..........  apart from putting them CFL's back on meanwhile..
  5. Plants look like they are having a hard time growing. The soil you are using is to dense. It need to be airy. Add perlite and/or vermiculite. It will help the roots spread and drain excessive water. Check out my grow journal. I have the ingredients in my soil posted along with grow info. It could bringing your grow to follow fellow blades grow journals. Good luck on your grow.
  6. thanks! I believe I used perlite before and will probably get some today when I'm out, the poor things must be stressed after these heat issues..
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    Just bought another fan - its rated at 280 m3/h 5" Mixed flow
    I already have a 4" 62cfm inline with a 4" carbon filter at the top of the grow room

    Do you think this would work? I'm getting pretty desperate right now 

    The fan is red, black would be the carbon filter (rated upto 240m3/h) 5", purple is the cool tube, and grey is my ducting, the duct maximum distance is about 50-80cm (2ft) ish

    Ambient outside/room temp 9-12c
    Intake - "cracks" in door from the bottom and the sides upto 1 metre, after that they are blocked off.

    Grow space - 45cubic feet

    5" mixed flow - 165 CFM + 4" 62cfm 

    Will the 5" mixed flow move enough air to keep this room under 29C?

    Pretty sad right now. Will be back later after getting some perlite!

    If not, would a 100CFM/185 m3/h 5" inline fan added to the outside air vent work in conjunction with the 165 CFM 5" or would it just not be worth it?, would I need an identical fan if it's in the same ducting work?

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    Update 5/2/14
    still no fan, still on 125watts of CFL and quite far away from the plant
    8 day old
    7 day old
    6 day old  
    seedlings :)
    6 days old
    7 days old
    8 days old
    the family together
    Do you think the first (oldest) is ok? them leaves look a little wavey

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    Update 6/2/14
    Got the fan, fitted, tested about 2 hours, worked fine!

    The plant in the small pot (feminized#1 i shall call her)

    fell over last night while under the CFL's, not sure, probably too long of a stem and roots not deep enough, I've propped her up in the meantime.

    Sorry the pictures are dark, it looks worse with the flash on.

    Seems to be OK at the moment however, ever since I had the little problem with the 600w bulb, with it glowing red, I think it seems a little underpowered, not as bright, too hard to tell and I can't test as I don't have another bulb or ballast, or cool tube, it could be either one of them at this point.

    temps about 26.7c with lights on, just turned on now for 16 hours so will see what maximum temp is!


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  10. Update!


    280m3/h fan +600w HPS is in, ran for 18 hours,

    Temps as follows: after 10 hours, 26.5c (79.7f)

    After 17 hours: 30c (86f)

    Lights out temperature :16.5c (61.7f)

    In 1 hour I will be starting a time lapse and I'll make a video of 18 hours, to see how much they can grow in 18 hours.
    "Feminized"  8 days old

    Easyryder 10 days old


    Easyryder 9 days old
    Height picture

    Soon to transplant them all with perlite I hope!
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    ** Will update this post later on when I take a picture **
    **Edit, such low quality! Not worth the watch
    *** Edit with pics
    This is the time lapse in the meantime. Didn't work so well, need to be higher quality, to remove black lines.

    Interesting stuff.

    Can see temps too over the 16 hour period, raises to 29.8c (84~f) maximum.


    First 2 easy rider, last in small plant pot is "Feminized"
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    11/02/14 update

    Got my temperature problems temp. under control.
    Here are the pictures

    First two pictures of the "Feminized #1" 13 days)

    Easy Ryder (15 days)
    Easyryder (14 days)

    Soon to transplant, and nutes in 3-4 days at very low dosage 

    Lights off temp: 21.5c
    Lights on temp: 26.5-28.5c
  13. Hi tescos, great thread, ur girls aren't looking to happy there, did you say the temps got out of controll? Temps up in the 29s shouldn't really bother the plants too much. Do you have anything in there for circulation atm? I'm no soil grower but they look abit over nuted to me, perhaps residual feed in ur soil?
  14. Hey

    They had a real hard time at the start-  lows of 12-14c and one time 40c, and a few times at 33-35c.

    I'm not surprised they aren't happy at the moment but I've sorted it all out now, im hoping they can recover

    I haven't fed them anything, so I would guess it's from the soil, I guess to wait a bit before feeding then?
    I'm using Levington Multi Purpose Compost - read after that its actually not that good for what im doing, with it having water retention, but I've got some perlite that im going to add in when I transplant.

    Think I should grab another type of compost, perhaps a soil-less mix? 
  15. I had some heat issues myself in the beginning up in the high 30s at times stunted growth of 2 of my girls to the point that I nearly pulled them. Time is a great healer tho and weed is extremely hardy, all research I have done points toward stress in early veg not being so big an issue as long as ur girls are nice and healthy before you flower em. I might try n give ur ladies a bit of a flush just in case and see how they come on. As for the soil as I say I'm not the man to answer that question sry, maybe someone else on here running soil may be able to guide u better.
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    Thanks! I'll keep a close watch over them and post what happens / what I do.
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    Todays pictures

    After I took the picture I transplanted (added and mixed some perlite)

    the larger plant has a very long root system, reaching the bottom of the 3 gal pot.

    Will see how tonight goes
    14 days old
    15 days old
    16 days old
  18. Here's some shots 23 hours after transplanting

    Also just transplanted another today, so hopefully it should get on well!

    One with the pictures

    Are they looking - a bit - better for a day after a transplant?
    These 4 pictures are of the same EasyRyder 17 days old.
    Easyryder 16 days old.
    Bagseed 15 days old - freshly transplanted and photographed
    The current sitting arrangements
  19. 14/02/14 update

    Not much to update today, other than a slight leaf burn off of water misting on the eldest Easyryder
    I think - I hope - they are getting used to the new foundations, the new leaf sets look much better than the older ones pre transplant. Thoughts?

    18 days Easyryder
    17 days Easyryder
    16 days bagseed feminized #1
    All 3
  20. Hello

    Not many changes, other than growth!

    Getting bushy now, I see they are still probably developing root ball
    17 days bagseed
    18 days easy ryder
    19 days easy ryder
    Still no nutes, may start on next watering to boost them up a little.Got some 0.1ml increment syringe so can accurately  measure dosage

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