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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by weedlinq, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. Hola cool people! I am new to this site that i have been stalkin for the past 2 days (Lol, in other wordz, i like the site ;D). Ok, i threw in a seed that i had in some moist paper towels and the root grew out the baq, front, oh i don't kno. But the root is out and no the seed is in the 8 inch pot (half an inch deep). I waterd it 2 times a day, 12 hours apart for about a 3 days now (sterlilized water with some miracle grow mixed in it). 3 days after i threw it into the pot and getting waterd, it grew like 3 or 4 inches in one night (lol). I water it one night, i wake up the next morning and its out calling my name at 4 inches tall (lol). Ok. Right now it had 2 good leaves sticking out the side and 2 smaller, rounder leaves abit lower than the other 2. The pot is right next to a lamp with a soft white 60 watt 590 lumen bulb, and so far it's still alive, alas. If there is anythin wrong i am doin please lemme kno, it's my first time growing. ADIOZ.

    I really had 2, the other one was taller, and it was bein grown outside in my baqyard. Either someone stole it or them hungry ass birds ate it.
  2. It may grow a little better, with a 150 soft white light. Add a 10 dollar flurocent light 33 watt and your plant will flower nicely. Also, you dont have to water it twice a day, just until the dirt is dry.
  3. Thankz a buckamillion!

    Growing is gonna be fun and dangerous at the same time. I may start happy growing and smokin this bud, but might end up walkin out high with handcuffs behind my back (lol). I live in the suburbs here in Illinios and growing bud is as hard as tryin to keep the bathroom smelling clean when people stampeed into it every other 3 minutes.

    Well, thanks for the reply. Im jus hope i get enough info. that can keep me in the down low with this experiment.
  4. I would recommend that once it starts to grow a little taller, that you keep it trimmed back. One thing is that it will shoot more sprouts, and also help keep the height down.

    Good luck
  5. Trimmed back?

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