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  1. So a few days ago I was on highDeas and I saw a post that talked about things such as how trick candles were windproof lighters, stop lights are Rasta colors, and stuff like that. But it made me think about how ever since I started smoking about a year and a half ago that I started to get new views on things that most people wouldn't. For example, when I look around, fancy lamps look like hookahs and cylindrical items immediately turn into plans for a bong or something. I've come up with crazy recipes that actually turn out really good and things that not many people have thought of to make your life - and your high much more awesome and exciting. I started this thread so you guys could post ideas similar to these and we could like share ideas :D
  2. Im not gunna make any comment other than this, because my views would crush all the hope and positivity you portray in yours :)
  3. I see what u mean like how soccer is just a bunch or retards chasing a ball And OP Is a crack head
  4. Hahaha i dont think i agree with you at all.

    I love football, and OP is definetily not a crackhead!
  5. redic.jpg

    Whats your view on this eh......
  6. Nah I don't give weed credit to anything but assisting my ability to consume food. Oh and ruining my life jk......or was i? Nah it was definitely my fault.

  7. Haha yeah I've felt the same way. They seem natural though, I only notice them when I take the time to.
  8. [quote name='"bigbudstev"']I see what u mean like how soccer is just a bunch or retards chasing a ball And OP Is a crack head[/quote]

    Lmao sorry op, was funny though.
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    I don't think he's anywhere near crackhead levelry, and trust me, GC gots some. But his initial post has me questioning the point of this thread so with furthur adue, and without warning.

    Time for another story.

    Another story some of you might have read, and some of you haven't. A timeless classic.

    Its a story about my grandpappies' farm of magical herbs!


    Long ago in a time before people wrote down the time or date and women votin' there was a man. His name was Canuck O'Chuck. A great man of few words. He owned a farm of dem magical herbs be growin' and he says.

    "Ey Larry, what ifs we done sellin' these herbs we like smokin'? Aye?"
    "What'd you say, I cant hear you buddy!?" replied Larry O'Hairy (half brother)

    And from that day forth, they done thought about thinking that was a good think! That thing became the center of their lives and they even got a tribe of dem natives folk to help look after his farm of dem weed growing things. Cause you see dem natives folk donts have a place to be livin' after my grandpappie burnt their village down. But he said dem natives folk can live on his raunch alongs as they pay the rent, ungrateful savages! Now its be getting around that time which is that year of day when suddenly without warning the plants that were growing grew and grown up! And boy did they sure grew ups good!

    Oh look at those crystals buddy, thats the business is what Im talkin' aboot. They just think we're all hosers and hockey players but when we grow the thing that grows outta the ground, sometimes it grow just the way growing grew back in the day when growing grows good. Oh and that was a time before I was born but I'll tell you what buddy! Its a day all Canadian fought off the british aye! Well actually we all got stoned and told em we were too high to fight that day and took a sick day. Actually we told our natives that the british wanted to be their friends and to run naked yelling at them. Well that plan slowed em down for a day or two but after the next day after yesterday we see dem british folk and they're ready for war. And my great granpappie shouts:

    "Eh whats goin there buddy, we aboot to fight this war yeah?"

    "Well I'd much rather have a cup of tea before the morn, sir" replied that british lookin fella

    Well that thought got me to thinking this plan about maybe how good it might would be if we gave em some of our special Canadian herb aye!

    And that was the day Canada gained its INDEPENDENCE!
  10. Golly Gee Willikers, you done did it now.
  11. Glad to see demders canadians here eh! Chew a member of dat forest warriors too? Chew know what I'm talking boot eh! Chew know da ones with the beavers and whatnot, protec'n our forest freedom and our Tim hortons! I say we uh dun got ourselves a mighty fine curling team this winter eh! Go beaver pride!

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