A New Vape to Keep an Eye On.........Versa Infinity

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by lwien, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. http://youtu.be/pD1Ss9yhCJI
  2. I just hope it's nothing like the VaporXhale vaporizer lol, aside from them discontining their $550+ stupid vaporizer - the thing broke on me after a month and due to something about a patent they been telling me for the past year about a new one they are making. They want me to send my original unit back and will give me 25% off the new one whenever it comes out which is still around $600. Horrible experience heh.
  3. I've never had a problem with VapeXhale. And their products are incredible. They got screwed over by their manufacturers which is why their first units had warranty problems. 
    I own their new one (The Cloud EVO) and have had nothing but great service for them. It had a fault and broke after a month and they fixed/ updated it free of charge.
    Anyways, the Versa looks really cool, I hope their units also go for $250 when they are released. Think I might pick one of these up for hookah vaping.
  4. Holy fuckSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. I'm interested!I'm like the idea behind the design, but I hope they streamline that a bit, it might cause problems for people with smaller tubes. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    So the previous vid was the Versa with concentrates.    Now...............a vid with flowers (dry herbs).   Look at dem clouds............. :eek: !!   She even shows the ABV (with no editing) to show that no combustion was taking place.   Nice............
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  7. Oh mah gawd :D
  8. This looks like a very impressive unit. I'm going to be very curious how it performs loose leafs to the EVO. I can't tell right now but maybe the bowl size is larger, which allows for more hits and less fill?
    Also, I think the Cloud has milked more so far but it's so hard to tell in video. I'm curious if it only "appears" this way since this vape sounds like it has a massive airflow (which is why it can do hookah).
    I'm keeping a close eye on it. I want to hear from some Beta testers how it matches up to other vapes intended for glass.
    Either way, I think I'm gonna get it as my "jack of all trades" vape since it appears it can do whip, bag, hookah, glass, oils, etc...
    Yup.   Stay tuned...............
    The projected price point looks like it's going to fall somewhere between the LSV and the EVO, which is also kinda nice.
  10. Holy shit I will definitely be buying one..looks awesome for $250
  11. Oh oh...........bad news on the Versa.    Best go over to FC and read the Versa thread but start from the most recent post and work backwards.  Not good..............
  12. If it is true, it will be sad. But I think my money was getting redirected to VapeXhale's new Hydratubes anyways.
    The Versa looks cool and I hope whatever happens with them and FC gets worked out.
    Yeah, me too, but it doesn't look good.
  14. That's disappointing..I am glad I didn't send them any money though.
    Yeah.    I sure hope the Grasshopper fairs better in that regard.
  16. Who the hell is inventing this shit? If I wanted to smoke out of a Tuba...I'd go buy a tuba! LOL. I might have to crowd source some funding and bring some of my designs to market. I like small easily handled gear with a protability factor somewhere between cellphone, and flashlight...this stuff is getting into the Victorian lamps, Horn instruments class of gear. :confused:
  17. Victorian lamps and horn instruments, eh?   LOL.     And here I thought it looked like a candle vase.
    Actually, I was really excited about this vape.    A lot of shit has gone down in regards to the business ethics of this company but they recently posted up an explanation and an apology, so from my perspective.............the jury is still out.    I'm really wanting to see beta units reviewed out in the field on this one along with some kind of guarantees that this vape is as safe and healthy to use as Versa says it is.
    Guess we'll just have to wait and see...............but I just don't understand people that plunk their hard earned cash on an unproven product from an unproven company, be it Versa, or Grasshopper or whatever but hey, people do a lot of shit that I don't understand, and I have no doubt that I do as well.   They''re just different things.  lol
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    Is it as BS as the friend from china excuse with the magic wand?
    Before today we didnt plan to affiliate ourselves with the old company but I realize it was a lapse of judgement on my part to not transfer my old customers to the new business infrastructure.
    This right here makes me never want to support this company. I basically read that as if FC had never ousted them for being associated with the magic wand then they never would of owned up to it. 
    Yeah...........ya might want to read on further.    It's turned into a real soap opera.

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