a new product idea i had

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, May 23, 2006.

  1. i had this idea that i think would make a lot of money. you know how you can buy those game controllers that hook up to a tv that you can play games with? they have some old ninendo games, mortal combat, sonic, and a few others.

    what they need to do is put a controller preloaded with mario, mario 2, and mario 3. come on everybody, you all know mario was the shit back in they day. if you think about it, mario is what started it all if you ask me.
  2. Ehhh, I disagree. If I just plug Mario into the TV it loses what it was to me.... It's not Mario unless you have to blow into the cartridge and the system, and use rubbing alcohol to clean it.... that's the only way it feels like mario!
  3. True!
  4. I wouldn't buy it just because it's annoying.

    I'd rather get the original if I was really feinding for some Mario.
  5. I really only liked the 3rd the others were ok but the 3rd one kicked ass. I still remeber the flute on level 3 and theres one in the second world an 1 more I forget where. haha I wish I still had my nes
  6. I would buy it.
  7. ^^ id probly buy it but i agree w/ everone org is best.. im still tryin to get one only play it at friends houses when i was a kid.. great stuff.. omg now im all excited buyin super nintendo like this month ahh
  8. Haha, a great 20$ (?) dollar investment.
  9. Too bad, but the new nintendo wii has backwards compatability with all previous nintendo systems, so youll be able to download nes and snes games for about 1$ each.
  10. can you still buy snes's anywhere? i remember i was in a toys r us a few years ago and they still sold sega genesis's for like $15.

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