A New Panda In Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by AHighAssPanda, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Greetings from SIN CITY.
    The name is Josh but friends as well as Family call me Panda
    so which ever you prefer go for it.:wave:
    How's everyone doing on this fine day?
  2. Welcome Panda, the city is a great place, check out my blogs!!
  3. What up welcome to the city!! I am just a few hours outside of vegas i need to go so bad!!
  4. Hey guys im from houston lived there my whole life but i shall be moving to live with my girl friend in sin city very soon hopefully get to make some new friends and shit any advice on what to expect?

  5. got fam in huston
    but in Vegas you got two seasons ...Summer....&....Winter
    great for greenhouse though :D
  6. hahaha tru shit man yea ive done some indoor before not had to much experience only 1 completed harvest but from what ive heard its a damn desert out there so i figured no outdoor. I longboard alot in parking garages down here there any good spots for skating around vegas????? panda you skate by any chance????
  7. Ha foreal and yea ive heard its a desert out there i figured no outdoor ive only had one attempt with a succeful harvest and it was indoors so not to much experience. I longboard alot in parking garages down here is there a good skating scene over there??? and do you skate by any chance panda?????
  8. Welcome panda:wave:
  9. @damian0909
    I'm doing a indoor right now, outdoor would be perfect with right strains (using a green house maybe big carbon filter or vent it when you know time where people aren't home i.e night weekdays)
    as for long boarding some parts of the Strip and a couple parks (long paved trails)

    Why thank you man
    for the welcomez
  10. Whats up panda welcome to the city. I live in SW Vegas myself, great place to get trees.

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