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Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. hey bladez,
    i'm thinking about founding a new political activist organization. i would probably start it on my college campus and see if it will continue to generate support and grow bigger.
    i want the name of the organization to be:


    it would also be known as PAL.
    the purpose of the organization would be to promote: equality among all people, an end to the neocon agenda, and end to western imperialism, and the preservation of american civil liberties.

    so tell what ya'll think...
  2. youre crazy but i like it

    good luck

    its never gunna happen

    capitlaism thrives on people winning and losing we cantall win
  3. we dont need anymore organizations or clubs (im a hypocri for saying this but...) we need to take action! we need to protest! we need to rally up a good thousand men and all smoke a J in front of the white house!!!!
  4. yeah we should totaly all get blazzed in front of the white house whilst chanting things such as: "free our plant!" and "george bush are the suck".
  5. Hells yea man. Im all for it. I think we need to get as many groups and organizations as possible. Someone has to organize against the people who run society now.
  6. What good does 400 different groups that all want something similur, but are all absorbed in their individual desires... we don't need to make it like religion where everyone has their own little group and that's the only group that knows anything.. which is exactly what will happen if the groups are all seperate and don't get involved together... What about working on some way to unite all the groups that already exist? JMO

    ~ Terpsichore
  7. yeah, you guys are right. it would probably be better to join a reputable organization like the ACLU.
    also, i really like the idea of gathering in front of the whitehouse and blazing. if there were a thousand of us or more, i highly doubt they would conduct any arrests because of the risk of inciting a riot.
  8. ha made me think of old school when will ferrel gets tranqulizered "you're crazy man, you're crazy, i like you, but you're crazy" haha

    yea ud be better off joining a bigger organization but still a sweet idea

  9. okay thats an idea...but i got a better one...we circle the white house...with 2 quarter pound joints going opposite ways...i get to spark it up!
  10. then bush will give u a thumbs up because i think that secretly, deep down, that motherfucker loves and wants to do drugs every single moment of his life
  11. hahaha...a blazing sit-in (as I'd call it :p).........that'd be the shit.....actually........I think that'd be a completely awsome idea....dont' know how effective it would be......but it'd prove that you're not going to stop doing what you're doing just because they're retarded LOL......somebody should actually rally that up...I'd know I'd join in...:D
  12. You could make a group with the purpose of bringing together all the other groups to fight as one force, or join an existing group that already has some power.
  13. We need to unite against the corporations and take special interest money out of politics!!!!

    See the documentary 'The Corporation' and read Thom Harttman's book 'We The People: Take back America'

    Those things opened my eyes. I continually ask myself though - what do I personally contribute to political activism? Because I never feel I am doing enough. I contribute any small amount of money I can to help groups I believe in. One big change I made though was this:

    I reprogrammed myself to not be such a 'keeping up with the Jones's' consumerist drone that the government (or should I say administrations) want us to be. This is what keeps the coporations and people with money in power. I say to myself daily when making purchase decisions: 'Do I really need a big car/suv, or do I like it because it looks cool', 'Do I really need this latest mp3 player' etc etc etc. I'm trying to take control back of my mind that has been infiltrated by commercials and advertisers and such that try to make me think I NEED their product. And I don't. We need to free ourselves of this brain washing. I left my bigtime corporate job because working for them to improve their business completely went against my value system.
    I'm now going to school to be a teacher and do consulting to small businesses at very low rates to help the little guys combat the big corporate chains.

    Now what? We need to get the big money out of the government to allow our votes to REALLY COUNT!!!

    Ok, I realize this has nothing to do with a pot sit in, which I totally would go to. But, I guess my point is this:

    In my research into ways to affect political change, I've always come down to this:
    It is very hard to make change when fighting against those with the big bucks and questionable morals. How do we fight them? Take away their power!!!!!

    My first acts of actual activism (how's that for alliteration - lol) are for campaign finance reform. Quit allowing people to buy our politicians. Until that happens, it will never be 'FOR THE PEOPLE'.

    Oh another really really really cool site is www.adbusters.org. I want to get their non-swoosher shoes.

    oh, and +rep to weedzilla for this thread and trying to get active!!!!

    Peace :smoking:

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