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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cheeba Toker, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Its a long story but i am a high school drop out and i have no weed now. Im haveing to quit smokeing because i moved from ohio to tennessee to get my life on track again. i have to do about 2-3 years of schooling and get a real job in that time (starting school in january). In this time i am giveing up all drugs and alcohol and im going to have to make new friends in a state i know nothing about (scared i wont ever find a new dealer.). I gave all my pipes and bongs away to friends that were there for me when times were rough and hope to smoke with them again someday. Its just sad to me that i have to give something up because i really looked at weed as something that made this world a better place. I started tokein when i was 13 and never really stopped till now (19). I never posted much on grasscity but i always was on the forms for a few hours a week and just from that i loved the forms. Wont be easy but it is what it is, i hope i can remember all the lessons that weed has tought me. Hope you guys enjoy the herb like i did bye all.:(
  2. take the opportunity to realize once you've bettered your self you will have an even greater appreciate for the herb and other things you enjoy in life. its hard to admit that the weed you love may be adding some laziness you cant afford at the moment but your doing the right thing. keep your head up brother your gunna be alright. :smoking:
  3. Thanks for the encouragement bro
  4. Man that sucks you gotta quit after all those years but hell, the bright side is at least next time you smoke you'll actually get high lol im havin trouble 'getting there' lately you feel me?

    Anyway man WELCOME TO TENNESSEE!!!
    THE HOME OF THE FREE, The capital of methamphetamine lol dont ban me its the truth
  5. do not worry
    a new week will come
  6. remember the lessons it has taught you and good for you man, a lot of people don't take initiative to better themselves like you do, it takes courage

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