a new guy from nyc

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ClownShowHockey, May 28, 2010.

  1. just coming on here to learn about what I love to smoke. im from nyc, 18 and pretty zen. love smoking weed and definitely one of the most open minded people.
  2. hey QSH. I am from Tx and have been toking 30 yrs now and even though I'm 49, I still try to keep my ears peeled when it comes to what the youth still thinks about cannabis. I am starting to finally grow as chasing it down got old. We smoke some shwag here,mostly Mexican dirtweed,however, I smoke widow,skunk, and a few more wicked strains from a trusted friend of mine who got me into hydrponic/indoor growing. I play alot of golf and boat as I live in a condo at a resort outside Houston,read and study horticulture,clone, and since I am more or less retired (work when I want),still young enough to chase all the women still, I decided to grow. There is a new strain out there that this old hippie wants to taste called NY Power Diesel,sounds totally ripper from some of the reviews i have read. Just curious what the youth are burning these days. Believe it or not, alot of us Texans burn the number down here in the south,but our state,although I love Tx, is like prehistoric re mj,so behind the times thats it's unbelievable. Anyway,welcome to GC. BFFL

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