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    I Got some of the basics down like keeping the grow space clean and geting good nutes and all but I still have a couple of questions like, I got 1 125w CFL 6500k blue spectrum bulb for the hydrofarm grow light fixture that I have I was just wondering if would that be enough for 2 plants or do I have to add a little more CFL bulbs round it? and I'm thinking about "The Scrog method" it's interesting but what exactly is that need elaboration, can I use "The Scrog method" for support instead of staking my plant.

    -I use distilled water so ph is just where it should be but I find that my plant like spring water very much.
    -Right now I do 20/4 on light cycle but what is the best light cycle for vegging my plant seem to like the dark...
  2. Read more... Lots more...

    It is possible to get some flowers with that light yes...However, the more the better...
    Scrog will definitely support your plants and if done correctly can allow you to get as much light to as much surface as possible. *However... I think a scrog is complicating your first grow a bit... Try and just get through your first one as simply as possible...

    Spring water.. Sure sounds great! =o)

    And your light cycle... What have you done with the other 2 hours of everyday?? =o)

    Good luck, you're gunna need it.
  3. Check out the FAQ's and 101 Asked Questions Thread, etc. - it will answer all your basics. Then post any specifics you have and people will be more than friendly enough to answer specifics.

    I still can't get my plants to stay alive, so I'm not one to offer advice, but I know where to look for it. :D

    Good luck brother!
  4. You are better off with several smaller CFLs. 6-8 50-65w CFLs would be better than 3 125w. The lumen dropoff is pretty drastic after around 5 inches. You would get nice solid nugs right next to the light and a bunch of loose airy buds 6 or more inches away from the light.

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