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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Bud Nukem, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hi There

    I am just getting ready to have construction started on my Medical Grow, and I wanted to let you very knowledgeable know about, just in case I missed something.

    If you go look at Zpyro's thread in these forums (First Timer making some rooms), the rooms will be very similar in size, with mine being 4.5' wide X 8' long X 7' 11" tall. (Your rooms are wildly successful, by the way Zpyro!!!)

    The difference is that I have decided to simply build two rooms the same size, and run alternating crops, instead of moving the plants between rooms.

    I have an area around the rooms that will provide room for the Mother plant under a 24 hr 400 watt halide, and a cloning area, as well as an area for storage, and glass jar curing, for when I am done drying the crops.

    This is a completely sealed grow; both rooms are contained within my garage. Both rooms are sealed with visquine and duct tape. Both rooms will also have mylar sheeting (perfectly put up, I will guarantee you :) )on all walls, ceiling and floor. Booties will be worn in the rooms, for sure. ;)

    Both rooms will be set up for Hydro, on a non-recovery drip system. I will have hose access doors (3" X 3" sealed doors - both sises of wall) running from the door that accesses the rooms, from my garage, where the R.O. filter and sink are located.

    I am extremely fortunate to have some of my friends that also grow able to help out with wiring and construction. I am taking no chances on the quality of construction

    Each room will have:

    2 - 600 Watt HPS Lamps on Digital Ballasts - Lights will vent to area outside room.

    1 - AC Unit - Non-eavaporative - AC Unit will vent to area outside room - Also performs heater function with lights off, when/if needed.

    1 - CO2 Monitor/Controller, measures up to 9,999 PPM - used for CO2 supplementation, and pest control, if needed (I am growing all plants from seeds - Blueberry and Kush are the first strains - Hopefully, I can avoid bringing pests in this way, as well).

    1 - CO2 Tank & Solenoid - Will be outside room, mounted on wall. Intro point for CO2 will be at top of room, and gas will drop right in front of first oscillating fan.

    2 - Smaller oscillating fans for air movement to ensure proper circulation, strong stems, and good use of CO2

    1 - Dutch Breeze Carbon Filter, and Fantech FG 6XL centrifugal fan, mounted on nylon rope, to clean air, since both rooms are completely sealed.

    2 - Nutrient & Runoff Reservoirs, both 30 - 35 Gal. (What I don't know yet, and haven't spent enough time researching, is exactly how much liquid I will go through feeding 7 plants at a time...I am hoping someone reading this can shed some light (no pun intended) on how much one plant in a well controlled room might use in a day)

    1 - Air Pump and Stone for Nutrient Resevoir

    1 - Circulation Pump - Nutrient Resevoir

    1 - Submersible Heater for nutrient resevoir

    The main room is just a walk area around the grow rooms, and it oo will be cooled and sealed off from the outside completely. It does, however, have a perfect 3' X 3' corner area for the Mother plant, the cupboard for cloning, seeds, and propogation. The main area is the only area that will vent to the outside, and that, too, will be run through a Dutch Breeze Fan, when that air is exhausted. I should have a Zero Odor, or very close to it, operation


    OK...off to work now...to be continued...I will get some pictures of the space before construction up in the next post...:hello:
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    OK...I am hoping I can get these pictures up...here we go...

    The pencils and stuff on the floor indicate the walls etc. Both rooms will be on a framed and insulated floor, and sides, top and doors will all be insulated The pencil at the left indicates the start of the floor on the first room. The next two pencils indicate the separating wall, etc.

    This is a shot from the garage door, of the cupboard where I will do clones and seedlings, and the corner where the mother plant will be kept, to the right.

    The door will be built in, and the tracks and rails stored.


    This is a <crappy> shot from the in door...the area right in front will be built to be a closet, with a small door to the left, with my grow permit duly posted.

    Phew. I hope that isn't too much...if it is I can delete some, but I wanted to be sure to show the space adequately. Plus, I am excited.

    For point of reference:

    The garage dimensions are 11' 6" wide by 10' 4" long, to the edge of the cupboards.
    The garage door is 8' wide.
    Floor to ceiling is 8' 3.5"

    The framing will commence on Thursday, and all of the wiring and circuits go in on Saturday. Then hopefully Monday or Tuesday the final insulation, doors and sheeting will go up, and I can go get the lights, fans, etc by a week from this Thursday, God willing.

    Once I know without a doubt that everything will come together construction and supply-wise, I will germinate the seedlings, and get this grow on the road!

    EDIT: I do need to point out that I am allowed 15 plants total, and 24 dry ounces, as a 60 day supply. I am using all that I grow, but I will not knowingly exceed the allowed, for sure. So...each room will have 7 plants, and the mother plant will be 15, when both rooms are humming. I will only have one room going to begin with, otherwise, I would exceed the max at harvest, unfortunately :-(
  3. just remember, no co2 during veg.

    your room looks like it has great potential, you sound like you got sum great equiptment, good luck!
  4. Thanks ganjaganja...I would have thought to use CO2 during Veg...but I sure don't want to screw it up.

    What is the logic behind not using it during the Veg cycle, if you don't mind me asking a dumb question...plus, if it would be best not to, it would save me some $ too
  5. just remember to seal those garage door windows!!! dont want any light escaping. unless youre trying to get found out
  6. Yeah...the whole garage door will be built in, on the inside, leaving the door in place, but it will be insulated and all...no light leaks here...there won't be any infrared light ups, either, I assure you. ;) The attic floor is the ceiling to the garage, and that is sheeted and insulated as well. The vent fan from the area around the rooms should not be any more than about 70 to 75 degrees at the exhaust vent, either.

    No smell, no sight...hopefully low to no sound...that's the goal.

    The insulation for the two rooms alone was like $600 at cost ( I bought it myself for the contractor), if that gives you an idea.

    It should be pretty inconspicuous, hopefully. But I am sure hoping that if I have overlooked something, someone will be kind enough to point it out!!
  7. If your running CO2, you'll need higher temps.
  8. thats not a dumb question at all. my brain is mushy right now from too much medicine and answering too many questions. Im know there is more too it but the plants can grow jsut fine in veg without co2, during the flower stage, and only turn co2 on during lights on because the plants will souffocate during lights out with it on. during the flower stage bursts of co2 will make your buds get mcuh thicker, fatter, and denser.

  9. With all due respect to Ganjaganja .... I completely disagree. I use CO2 from vege all the way until the last few weeks of bloom with great results. The CO2 will promote faster and healthier growth during vege as well as bigger bud growth during bloom.

    I do agree that it is only to be used during light cycle .... but disagree that it will "suffocate the plant" if used during dark cycle .... it would just be a waste of gas as the plants do not use CO2 during dark.

    You have a great raw space to work with Bud Nukem and I look forward to seeing how your plans come together
  10. thats very interesting. I always like to hear from people to use during veg. have you ever had the chance to do a side by side comparison during veg, and not during veg/ that would be cool.

    the reason I said no c02 during veg is because that is what I have been told by dispensary owners and med. growers out here. but, I do not have any factual data to back up my claim.

    One thing im sure of though is the co2 during night time thing. You should not do it because your jsut wasting money. The reason behind that is, during the day, light hours, photosynthesis is taking place, it uses light energy for this. DUring photosynthesis, co2 is absorbed, so you should definetly have it on when your light is on.

    BUT....during the night time respiration occurs in plants, in which they GIVE OFF co2, much like animals.

    also there is no photosynthesis occuring in marijuana plants during not light hours (this is not true with every plant though) so there is no point for co2 delivery !
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    I really appreciate all the input from ganjaganja, Herbal, Duckhead...very much. Many minds are definitely better than my one old one...:eek:

    By the way Herbal...your rooms are freakin amazing...I do know above 90 can be very bad for the plants, as it can damage the THC, as I understand it. But what temp do you recommend, and use in your rooms?

    And ganjaganja...I did want to speak to your concerns about using CO2 at night. I would agree with that sentiment 100%. I considered that when I was determining what equipment to get., based on the research I did.

    I will be using a Climate Controller (Temp Humidity), in conjunction with the infrared PPM sensor, so that the optimal level of CO2 is maintained during light hours, and to ensure that absolutely no CO2 gets disbursed during night time hours. The photo sensors completely disables the CO2 unit, so that regardless of CO2 levels, none can be disbursed at night.

    Thanks again for all the input!! I will get some pics up as soon as the framing gets underway!
  12. awesome stuff man...sounds like your doing your research. and again, im really not sure about co2 during veg. besides what ive been told. but i have no serious data to back that claim up so keep on checking around.

    good luck
  13. Your plan sounds great! Subscribed for sure, can't wait to see this materialize.
  14. Thanks for the support...I am so excited I can just barely sleep. I got my permit on 12/4/08, so you can just imagine how anxious I am.

    But my medication does help.:smoke:
  15. OK...hopefully by tonight, these innocuous piles:


    Will be the outline of my grow rooms...everything all framed, anyway, along with the floor being completed. The electrician should be here Saturday to put in all needed electrical switches, relays, outlets and circuits. Then, next week, all of the insulation & final sheeting go up, and all equipment installed..

    I will be posting shots of the framed area, as soon as it is done!

    Holy Crap. I have waited all my life for this...and today, my dream gets framed! :yay:

    That is WAY better than me getting framed, anyway.;)
  16. awesome dude. im gettin excited for ya!
  17. Thanks man!

    If you can hold steady at 85F while injecting CO2, that would probably be optimum for your lighting. That is 85F, assuming you have everything else under control as well (humidity, reservoir temperature, etc..)
  18. Thank YOU!! I will make sure that all factors to provide optimal growth and fruit production for my 7 ladies are in place.

    Jeezis...I just went and looked at your harvest photos.

    I will assure you...my room will be at 85 degrees, Herbal!!

    And if you told me to stand on my head and gargle peanut butter, while sucking honey up my nose through a straw...at this point based on your proven knowledge of growing...and those pictures...

    I probably would...:laughing:

    OK...not the honey part probably...

    Seriously...I take what I read with a grain of salt, always, but lol...you could use those buds of yours for self defense!! Hahahaha!!

    Thanks again, Folks!!

    It's 9:18 AM here, and the framing guy isn't here...film at 11...WAIT!

    They're here...here we go!!
  19. Well. Very nice. I have to agree with the co2 use in veg. Use it. And I would use the carbon filter and fan to use as a scrubber for the room, and let air circulate through it in the room (just a fan and filter, no ducting, just hanging in the room. If you have AC, why not seal it up totally and use AC and CO2 to make your environment. My room is totally sealed, using co2, AC, dehumidifier, heater, and hepa filter. No smell or hot air leave the flower box. This way you can totally eliminate drawing pests in from the garage through the intake, because there is no intake.

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