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  1. So I've smoked since I was 12 or 11 and constantly have ?s that can't be answered like...

    a) do cops/military smoke (i always end up liking a cop or soldier but worry over my smoking habits)
    b) what's the best way to make pot brownies (i need the preferred quality/amount of green AND instructions)
    c) can I be a nurse or well-payed professional in Arizona and keep a job/good rep.?

    And is it better to date a fellow stoner? Just curious.
  2. a. I know of police and military that smoke, but not all do. Be careful on that one, a lot of times you can ask someone if they smoke without implying you smoke.
    b. There are plenty of how-to's on this website, use the search function on the toolbar.
    c. You can do whatever you set ur mind to, so yeah...
    d. and of course you should date a stoner. So you can both enjoy the highness together.
  3. i dunno about being a nurse... i hear they get drug tested because they work around prescriptions meds...

    my friends girl is going for her R.N as well as my girl.

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