A New Consonant

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by stoned_soldier, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. I've thought of this a long time ago but today it resurfaced in my head. If there were to be a new consonant, what would it sound like and how would you pronounce it? Don't answer cuz obviously we won't be able to hear it, but still that's a fucked idea eh?
  2. We have too many as it is. More than needed so I don;t think any more would be possible, but anything is possible. What about vowels, eh? Same shit I say.
  3. i think that if we replaced all of the consonant combonations (like ch, gr, sh) and gave them new symbols, we'd be in business.

  4. Do I hear any more votes for Making Life Harder Than it Already is?

  5. hahahahahaha. thats funny. ahh. i needed a good laugh.

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