A new born baby girl! Uhh is she ok?...*BABY PICS*

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    Hey all I am now an offical father of a small beautiful child, I'm waiting for my other 2 lowryder #2 girls to be born, but this one is here and I love her. I love her so much.

    I am a parent now..a parent of a beautiful baby girl and I could not be more proud of her.

    My little champion. but ok lets cut to the chase is she ok? it looks like her leaf pod thingy is stuck in the dirt ill post pictures so you can kinda see, She is still a newborn infant with no leaves out yet, but she is there. I can see her.

    Will this problem (if it is one?) fix it self? or is my baby girl in trouble?

    Anyways here are some photos of my darling.

    Her neck is bent really far down like an upside down U. I'm scared.

    EDIT: I will upload much better quality pics in a second here, putting them on my computer right now.


  2. lol all i can see is dirt
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    Thats someones kid you're talkin about man, nah im kidding heres a bigger pic.


    Come on baby reach your little leaf pod to the sky!

    I have a feeling I wont be sleeping until I see her little head pointing to the sky.
  4. Well my oldest seed I planted has also sprouted, but i never knew it becuse this soil has little pieces of wood in it and one was right over the sprout and she dug herself into the ground.

    that one is bent really really bad, is this bending normal at first?

    I'm in a panic!
  5. Looks like it may be a breech birth!! Hahahahaha:) I'm kidding... :)

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