A New Beginning Of an End

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AjP420, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. im high as helll right now, so ima make this short and simpple. got busted here by leaving a couple grasscirt pics on the computer. parents trtreat me like im 5, so im moving out to a medicinal sstate! what am i in for? :0 i do feel likei have "legitamate" medical problems the doctor's gonna give me my Card for :bongin: how awesome are dispensaraies, can i blaze openley in my appartment and stuff (if its like a cig- smoking allowed place) i can vape at movies and stuff? sounds like i'd be living the life! it might just come true soon enough <3!!
  2. Seeing as you spelled 'simple', 'grasscity', 'legitimate', 'dispensaries', and 'openly' wrong, I'd say you're probably not old enough to be living on your own.. go to college for a couple years, find out what exactly you'd do for a living if you did move out of state, and then execute your plan, when you have it all laid out and ready.. not cuz 'my mommy busted me so I'm leaving so I can go smoke'
  3. Op you are a goddamn idiot. Did you seriously just ask if getting a med card means you can vape at the movies? Good luck in life, kid.
  4. you have to get your moviemed card to legally be able to be able to smoke in theaters.
  5. why all the hate guys? i have plans to go to college, just not sure which one yet tho, buy i honestly have legitimate medical problems, that would most likley make me able to get a mmj card, i do have a job ATM and have around 20,000$ dollars in my bank acct and checking for basic necessities, and i plan to get a job as well, i just would like to move away from my parents because they've smotered me all these years i feel pecae GC, this thread will bring hate i can tell :bongin:

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