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Discussion in 'General' started by wizards_bong, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. Okay I have a guestion I need answered. I just moved to Cary, NC and pretty much there is nothing here. Anyone know if there is weed to be found here? Is the weed any good? What are the prices and varietys? Thanks.
  2. just go to your local ghetto, start knocking on doors, and asking if they sell weed. if they ask if youre a cop, just say no ;)
  3. if you're just a teeny bit observant, you'll be able to spot a stoner right away. there is really no trick to it. all you then need to do is grow the balls to actually *ask* the important question: "got some ganj". since stoners are generally a nice bunch of people (and assuming you yourself look like a regular puffer) the answer will be: "not really, but hang around, and we'll take a toke". after that, you're pretty much set up.
  4. See the thing about Cary, NC is its spread out. The nearest gas station and shopping outlet is about 1-2 miles. The neighborhoods are like that too. The nearest mall is about 10-20 miles. I have been trying to spot out stoners but I mostly see preps. But school starts soon some Im hoping to see some stoners there. If you've never been to NC dont come there is jack shit to do here and its like being out in butt fucked egypt. f
  5. if there's a nightclub, chances are the stoned ones are the ones sitting in the corner......that's the way it works here, i'm sitting in the corner, unless it's some strong sativa, and then i'll even give John Travolta a run for his money..........Peace out........Sid
  6. wow i also cant find weed here. stupid north carolina!!!
  7. heard acid exploded recently down south, around NC. wish i could take a trip there =/

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