A Nascar Driver Just Died

Discussion in 'General' started by Atheism Cant Be Proven, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. well...thats what he gets for driving around a bunch of other cars at 200mph.
    but yeah, always sad when someone dies.
  2. At least he died doing what he loved
  3. Oh wait he died in the hospital. Damn that sucks
  4. The world must be coming to an end!this has to be a sign!? Its sad but people die. This time it was a nascar driver. Weve all been dieng scence are birth. Life becomes death :|
  5. ^^ Yeah but this guy died racing probably in front of a bunch of people, let alone probably friends and family. Who knows? 
    Its a topic of interest, so take your negativity somewhere else. This guy left behind a 5 year son, give him a little respect. 
  6.  Doesn't surprise me, sadly..
      Such a dangerous profession.  If i had kids, i would quit being a nascar driver.  
  7. A marshall died at the canadian GP last weekend. He fell to the ground and was run over by the crane carrying a wrecked car from the circuit. Even sadder is those dying who gave their time and effort for the sport they love. Fucking nascar driver at least left his family with millions.

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