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  1. :mad: So a friend of mine and I had a falling out a few years back (I was closer to her than anybody, we were best friends at one point for 2 years - I met her through my ex boyfriend, who she had gone to primary school with many years earlier, who he had dated briefly before dating me) I received an apology message over Facebook hoping for my forgiveness etc, etc, hoping to still be friends and that all was great.
    This ex boyfriend and I had a rather messy break up 4 years ago and from what I've heard he's got a mad vengeance against me. But he's stayed friends with that friend of ours and even though she knows what an utter headcase he is, she still just wants him around. So she's getting married and so she sends me an invite in the mail for her engagement party asking me to come along. Sometime shortly after the inivites were out she thought it was important to tell me that she had invited my ex. I told her I didn't mind as long as i had my man there to watch me all was good. She sends me a message a week ago saying that she is sorry but "you know how Daniel's head works, in the past," and then went on to say that she had to tell another friend not to bring another one of Daniel's "arch enemies" along to the party. So basically I've been shut down on account of my ex boyfriend and I'm wondering whether it's just competitive rage I am experiencing or is it really fair to take back an invite because two ex's may clash at the party?
  2. this situation just sounds like a complete clusterfuck. It seems like you may want to cling on to some bit of friendship with your friend but the potential drama harbored by your ex is definitely not worth it.
  3. I would tell that fat friend of yours she is a headcase and should problebly re consider getting married if the bitch is that immature.

    Dont go to the wedding, knowmatter what.Fat pig does not deserve you there.
  4. That's some bullshit. It's HER engagement party and she shouldn't have to worry about people starting shit over something that happened years ago. The logical thing to do would be to invite everyone but make it clear that this is a very important occasion to her and she's not gonna tolerate any bullshit. If those people can't handle themselves like mature adults when they're around someone they don't like, then they shouldn't go to the party. She shouldn't have to choose which of her friends she can invite to her own engagement party just because someone else may not like them. Sounds like your friend has some growing up to do.
  5. i agree with CaptZIGZAG

  6. right there.

    kinda shitty of your friend to pull that.. putting him before you, especially when HE is the one with the problem. it should be the other way around. but she doesnt get that i guess.. doesnt sound like a very good friend.. id say call her out on it and talk to her about it or just get over it and cut your losses.. unless you enjoy being treated like crap.
  7. You should consider yourself lucky.

    Now you don't have to go to something as horrible as an engagement party!

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