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Discussion in 'General' started by The_Jewfather, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. This is an extremely cool video to watch sober or stoned. Last night I was stoned out of my mind and watched this. I must have watched it like 5 times until I got something out of it. Check it out:
  2. That's pretty fucked up, hah nice find. very tim burton-ish

    edit: In fact, I gotta give you rep for this find. very nice indeed. I can't wait to watch it stoned. I didn't pay close attention for the sole fact that I'ms aving the initial watching for being high :)
  3. ^^^ My initial reaction too. Tim Burton is the man.
  4. The animation is crazy,

    +rep for this find
  5. Thanx for the +rep. It's kind of odd how I found it. I was flipping through the higher channels and I stopped at the nick toons channel (not nickelodeon.) They had an animation/film festival thing, and some of the other animations were pretty cool too. This video just blew my mind though, I just had to see it again, so I went on youtube.
  6. That shit was trippy as hell. I would like to be trippin balls and watch that. The animation and story was crazy.
  7. yuup.. im trippin balls now.
  8. Thats Pretty Fucked Up Looks Like A Tim Burton On Acid Movie.
  9. Yeah, I hate quicktime with an immense passion, but I know they support mp4's, trying to steer clear from them :(

    But I went ahead and downloaded it just to watch the better version... it'll be deleted in a few minutes. hah

    edit: Oh my god, this is so sexy in this mp4 version. God... want... drugs... now... but... can't *cries*
  10. Haha omg that's so fuckin awesome any more?

    trippy as fuckkkkk
  11. Woah.... weird

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