A MUST have program. AMAZING! The sickest thing I have found for my comp

Discussion in 'General' started by Dark_Angers, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. http://chsalmon.club.fr/index.php?en/Yod-m-3d-about

    By God is this a useful, awesome, show off to friends, and looks ill.

    This makes 4 desktops which you can switch around to at the click of a button. People who have used *nix this is similar to different desktops, but adds a cool affect to it. Also you can have 4 different wallpapers one for each desktop.


    Desktop 1:
    Google.com is open
    Desktop 2:
    Essay is open
    Desktop 3:
    A movie is open
    Desktop 4:
    Chat windows are open

    At the click of a button I can change to either one of these desktops and it is like I have a second monitor.

    The best part about the program is it FREEEEE!!!!!:hello:
  2. Beryl WM is the shit.. only with the proper graphics card of course
  3. that is fucking insane!!! great find :hello:
  4. Yeah well:p
  5. Come on I know more people want this program.

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