a much needed song.

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    "scooby dooby doo, where are you? we got some work to do now. scooby dooby doo, where are you? we need some help for you now.

    you know we got a mystery thats awful scooby dooby ready for your act. dont hold back.

    and if scooby doo, you come through your gonna have yourself a scooby snack. thats a fact.

    scooby dooby doo-by, here are you. your ready and your willing. because we can count on you, scooby doo. i know will catch that villain."

    emphasize on first verse. i recommend listening to the original theme song here. but seriously, "scoobydooby, where are you. we need some help from you now."

    official 'dedication to scoobydooby67's ban' thread begins now. you are much missed, man.
  2. gawd damn like all of gc idolizes this guy...

    i mean i guess he posts funny shit but in the end hes just a screenname...
  3. its the person behind the name.
  4. yeah scoob is baller as hell

    'cause he's an anteater

  5. true

    RIP scoob

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    substitute scooby for ron and me for champ. this express my feelings. long live the legend of scooby. rip man, rip.
  7. he permabanned?
  8. Hell yeah, hes a FRIGGIN BAD ASS.

    Ive wanted to start a thread for something like this.
    All the senior members allways get banned.
    Rasta, Neg, Scooby.

    just 3 names off the top.
  9. I was wondering the same too, and Bigred
  10. oh comm'on.....he might be permabanned but this still might change.....right???
    i mean everytime i think of the city scooby is one of the first members that comes to my mind....
    so dont Rip scooby.
    scooby somehow will be back.
    plus that rip thing might get some people wondering if hes dead or sth...so no rip.
    he'll be back.
    *questioning and answering by myself. lol
  11. As soon as the tampon comes out clean, they'll be back.
  12. To me, it's not a matter of who was banned (though scooby was a pretty cool d00d), but the manner in which he was banned. It was just completely inane and I think the only reason he hasn't been unbanned is cuz the mods need to save face and are not willing to man up and admit they were wrong.

    just my opinion though
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    not just yours.its pretty close to what i think..and probably many more...but


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