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  1. This is great news. Another step in the right direction to complete decriminalization and legalization.
  2. We fucking NEED this. :eek: :bongin:
  3. Good luck Massive-two-shits! :D

  4. Actually, its Massa-shoot-shit :devious::p
  5. Everyone will just be Jealous when were medical >:D
  6. im feeling really good about this thing, i think itll happen
  7. I feel good about it also!
  8. Alright! :hello:

    But now you guys have to get yourselves in gear and get all those "fence-sitters" to vote "YES!"! And that means YOU have to educate those around you!

    You need to show "Uncle Joe" and "Aunt Rose" how cannabis can help them! Most older folks fear Alzheimer's- show them what WebMD said when they compared THC to Aricept and Cognex! (hint- THC works almost 10 times better than Aricept and Cognex wasn't even in the running!)

    Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's (news - 2006)
    Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's

    “THC blocks an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase, which speeds the formation of amyloid plaque in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease.

    The Alzheimer's drugs Aricept and Cognex work by blocking acetylcholinesterase. When tested at double the concentration of THC, Aricept blocked plaque formation only 22% as well as THC, and Cognex blocked plaque formation only 7% as well as THC.”

    Breast cancer will strike 1 out of every 8 women. Virtually every family will have a sister, mother, aunt or cousin affected. CBD is the #2 cannabinoid in cannabis- it cannot get you high, but it stops the spread and growth of breast cancer!

    Cannabis compound stops spread of breast cancer: researchers (news - 2007)
    Cannabis compound stops spread of breast cancer: researchers - Health - CBC News

    Let's not forget that "Uncle Joe" worries about prostate cancer-

    Active cannabis chemicals halt prostate cancer cell growth (news - 2009)
    Active cannabis chemicals halt prostate cancer cell growth

    Or maybe lung cancer?

    Marijuana Helps to Combat Lung Cancer (news – 2007)
    [FONT=&quot]Marijuana Helps to Combat Lung Cancer ( An ingredient found in marijuana may he...)[/FONT]

    MRSA, the "flesh-eating bacteria", has been in the news recently-

    Chemicals in Marijuana May Fight MRSA (news - 2008)
    Marijuana Ingredients May Fight MRSA

    And does "Aunt Rose" suffer from fibro?

    One in 8 with fibromyalgia uses cannabis as medicine (news – 2012)

    Most people won't vote for MMJ until they see how it can help them! SHOW THEM!

    Send the articles to your "Uncle Joe".

    Leave a print-up in the laundromat for "Aunt Rose" to read while she is bored.

    College lounges are good places to leave a print-up or two.

    Comment in the online news and tell everyone how cannabis heals!

    And don't forget your local politicians! They will decide the details like, whether you can have local dispensaries, amount limits, growing rules, etc.! Get to them before it is an issue!

    Granny :wave:
  9. Good luck, this needs to be happening to some more southern states
  10. I've been so pumped about this. First time I get to vote, I vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries. Now I get to vote for medical marijuana? Fucking awesome.
  11. Medical! Finally I will have some organic natural medicine and legally too!
  12. Vote YES on Question 3 in NOvember
  13. is everybody registered to vote?
  14. It'll pass, at least I hope so, for the sake of you guys :D

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