A month old plant. Can you tell gender?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SativaBleu, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. any ideas yet?

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  2. Still ages before you can tell - that's small for a month man? Or is it out doors.
  3. Generally a plant won't show preflowers until 6-8 weeks if it's mature enough. And even then, sometimes they dont show till flowering stage. I agree that they are small for a month but that's not your question. Some growers take a cutting and put it under 12/12 and see what it shows for preflowers then they know whether or not to continue with the plant. But your plant doesn't seem big enough to me to take a cutting yet.
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  4. First 2 weeks were only sunshine. Its a durban poison strain. So maybe they grow small?
    I also dont have carbon filter. So the smaller the better
  5. Just because it's small, doesn't necessarily mean less smell. I had an autoflower that was outdoors and only got about 22" tall and you could smell that baby from 100 yds.
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  6. Ah okay well the sunshine explains it.. get it under some good lights and she should take off... not sure about the strain.. but this is mine at 4 weeks man.. not boasting just saying..
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  7. well as the question was can you tell the gender of plant ,no its a bit to young its go to be at least 6 weeks old before you may get a little preflower so you can tell .....DP what your growing is a Sativa plant so it not a small plant either ,,but it can grow smaller than most sativa plants ,,,mac,,

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