A moment of silence for PSN

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Mo money, May 15, 2011.

  1. its been a rough few weeks

    close your eyes, and savor the return
  2. is it bck on
  3. 10 bucks says the same thing happens again in less than a week.
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    Its down again lol.

    its back on for me. People still going crazy on twitter though.
  5. It's working fine for me. For right now, anyway.
  6. It's kinda working. Won't let me do Home or Netflix
  7. Its back up in some places only.

    Fuck you Sony.
  8. well im playing cod, sooooooooooo
  9. makes me happy i chose 2 get a 360 but my roomate has been so heated tht its been down
  10. yeaaaa, well its back up for me bitches and playas, so lets get high as fuck and and enjoy its free online and quality graphics.

    gta4, grand turismo 5, black ops, codmod2, hot pursuit, kingdom hearts, ohhh yeaauh you know its dope. fucks upp

    add me -



    ChiipThaRiip < if im really high

    im tryin to find more people who play that aren't 12 or 13 yr old brats

  11. Done.
  12. It's down again.
  13. not 4 me hoe!

    edit: i dont mean you as the hoe just to make sure i dont get some warning again for name calling
  14. It wont let me sign in damnit......

    Someone wanna get fucked up in nba2k11?

  15. SixDamnStrings

    Get at me on Black Ops hahah
  16. I've been using netflix the whole time it's been down. It would ask to sign on, say there were maintenance problems, but then netflix would run.:hello:

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