A million dollars to never smoke again?

Discussion in 'General' started by agent0064life, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. There have been lots of million dollar questions on here but I haven't seen this one yet. If someone were to offer you a million dollars with the only stipulation that you could never smoke or ingest weed ever again, would you take the money and never get high again, or refuse and proceed to blow smoke in the said offerer's face?
  2. take the fucking money, spend it on other drugs nd shit pay off your dept, but then smoke without the other person knowing.
  3. i would do it for a lot less.......but i wouldnt stop growing ......well maybe for a mill
  4. put your money back in your pocket man, I ain't interested :rolleyes:

  5. This is a hypothetical question meaning you couldn't smoke again. There's no sneaking.
  6. dude.. id take taht any day.. itd be dumb not to unless you are extremely ill (need weed to live), extremely rich, or extremely stonerific

  7. that'd be me :smoke:
  8. I wouldn't simply because most people make a million dollars in their lifetime, it would have to be a lot more. Plus once I take the money how will the person giving it know if I smoke weed again? And more importantly, what gives them the ability to take it back. sorry im pretty baked. Had a fat hash bowl.
  9. What if...

    you were blazed when he made the offer,
    and the only way around it was to never be sober again and smoke 24/8!:rolleyes:

  10. They implanted a chip in your brain that detects any THC created by cannabis. If you smoke you die.
  11. deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. its not enough.
  13. fuck the money. weed has been involved in the best memories in my life. and a mil isnt that much to give it up for life imo.
  14. Honestly man, i wouldnt take the million. I know i can make more with weed so fuck it, its not worth it.

    Id blow smoke at his face and laugh at his petty cash. Weed till the end man.
  15. I'd take the money.

    Invest in some important shit.
  16. Not only would I take the money, I would also stomp my weed into the ground afterwards and piss on it.

    After all, who needs weed when you can afford a coke habit?
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    that'd be me too.
    you couldnt give me the entire world to stop smoking.
  18. Josh Hamilton had way more money than that when he was drafted by the Rays and he blew it pretty fast.
  19. For real. What would I spend all that money on if I couldn't buy weed?
  20. Maybe he was being ripped off.

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