A milestone in my stoner life

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by LetsGoCanes, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. I had my very first drug test today. I applied for a job at Sheetz, RAPED the interview, and today, I took the drug test.

    Basically, I smoked every day, about a bowl a day for 2 weeks-ish, and then I stopped for two weeks before getting this interview. I exercised a lot the week leading up to the test, and drank a fuck-ton of water the day before and the day of the test. I'm thinking my chances are good!

    Have a good day, everybody
  2. Good luck bro.

    I'm so glad drug testing is less popular in the UK.
  3. best of luck dude. 2 questions
    1. whats sheetz?
    2. why didnt you just buy fake piss for like 20 bucks and not have to stop smoking/take the risk?
  4. 1. Sheetz is a very nice convenience store/restaurant in states on the East Coast of the USA.

    2. I'm taking a break from weed right now for reasons other than getting a job, and even if I weren't, I would rather do it the honest way.
  5. Good luck...


    Raped the interview? Did you forcibly have sex with the chick from HR? Come on, that's kind of insensitive and rude don't you think?
  6. good luck bro. I'm on a t-break too due to financial problem. It's been about a week only lol. it's easy though, even tho i smoed erryday for 4 months before that
  7. it's not rude if they don't say no :rolleyes:
  8. well if you wanna do it the honest way then more power to ya and i hope it works out for ya. i always perfer doin it the sneeky way, especially when it comes to retail/chain type stores, becasue sooner or later you'll find out that its the same ole' corprate (sp) bullshit day in day out, and at least you'll have in the back of your head "hey at least i fucked them on the drug test thing".

    p.s what part of the east coast usa you talkin about. im from north east usa and ive never heard of sheetz.
  9. i guess, but quitting weed for a few weeks in my opinion isnt giving in to "the man," i have priorities, and in my life, getting and keeping a good job comes above weed.

    and i'm in Raleigh, NC. Sheetz are mainly from Pennsylvania down to NC

  10. hey, in these hard economic times, you gotta do what you gotta do

  11. oh im not talkin about givin in to the man. im talkin about gettin one up on the man, theres a big difference. but i totally feel ya on your logic. i havent smoked in like 4 months partially becasue of work, mostly because of lack of dealer though... oh well its give and take i guess.
  12. If they say yes, then its not rape :devious:
  13. Delaware here, and no Sheetz here. Wawa's out the ass tho.
  14. Dude....I'm from Raleigh too. Just filled up at my regular Sheetz.... a NICE RESTAURANT? yeah okay lmfao :rolleyes:

    But good luck on the job! And props for doing things the honest way. Makes it more rewarding

  15. So jealous. Wawa blows literally any convenient store out of the water.
  16. when i say "nice convenience store and restaurant," i mean, not just your average gas station convenience store. they sell pretty good food, and it wouldnt make sense to just call it a "gas station"
  17. Very true, we're on the same page :yay:
  18. maybe when he says raped, meaning he let the interviewer rape him in exchange for a job?

  19. nah, in your case its more like your "taking it from the man".:cool:

    Not really man, making an income should be a higher priority than smoking some buds.
  20. now im just counting down the hours until the manager calls me for training...i hope to jebus i passed this drug test.

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