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  1. okay guys and gals big or long lets hear them.
    I will post mine after a couple days only because it is what I really wrote this chick.

  2. Me and the ex broke up the week before Halloween.  My friends decided to intervene in my love life and cooked up a scheme for me to get to know a friend of a friend.  He's here this weekend and we planned to go out tomorrow night but he surprised me with a visit today and we went out tonight...err.. last night... whatever.  It's 2am and I'm tired and a little sore.  
    Apparently my ex (Scott) found out and sent me a couple of texts about his disapproval.
    Scott:  Heard you already found someone.  That didn't take long. 
    Scott:  Did he offer you money to sleep with him?  Did you make the kids watch?  (he doesn't know they're living with my uncle now)
    Scott:  Are you going to name the baby after me?
    Me:  Scott you agreed to be civil after the break-up.  What I do with my life from this point on is none of your business.  You had your chance and you blew it.  You walked out on me, remember?   I'm moving on with my life and I suggest you do the same.  Please tell ::insert friend's name here:: to stop calling me and driving by the house all the time.  He needs a fucking leash.   I can't believe you still defend him after everything he's done.  
    Scott:  We need to talk.  Face to face.  
    Me:  No.  We don't.  Goodbye Scott.  I'm blocking you after I send this text.  Stop calling.  Stop coming by the house.  Just stop.  We're done.  
  3. fuckin cunts all of them!
    but damn seca that is intense bro. my X was not so direct about the abuse
  4. I hate humans
  5. don't be shy, lets hear it lol
  6. Oh lord lol, you don't wanna hear all the reasons I'm pissed and enraged now, it'd be longer than War & Peace

    Let's just say I hate my heart, the decisions it's made and how I turned into a love struck blubbering notebook watching sentimental asshat
    He's been bothering me a lot lately.  He wants us to give it another try. I'd rather walk through broken glass with my balls.  I didn't even have a clue he could be like this. Especially with bringing the kids into it.  
    (((cyber hug)))  Scott almost caused me to spend time in a psych ward.  I know your pain, unfortunately.  I'm sorry.  I wish this wasn't part of the human experience.  :(
  9. Thank you, I appreciate it ((((hugs))))

    There's just so much shit currently going on, it gets hard for super Anni lol. I've never been this mad at her before, well once but that's a different story
  10. heart wants what it wants, as cliché as that might sound. Mine screwed me as well

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  11. last night I wrote her almost 2 pages of reasons why I didn't want anything to do with this chick anymore. lol this morning she made her Facebook profile picture of her crying.
     this girl is so crazy that I don't know if I should laugh or be scared haha
  12. Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  You can laugh about it in a couple of years.  :p
    Dear Ex (1),
    I hope your well, maybe not so crazy. You were kinda a jerk the way you took my virginity, you deserved that donkey-kick to the gut, but I think you know that. I'd like to think you've grown up since we broke up but something tells me you probably haven't, you didn't really come across as someone that worked on themselves emotionally very much. Anyway I don't really have a lot to say to you, you were too young for me to really be upset about anything. Take care.
    Dear Ex (2).
    Remember when you saw me on the street when you were riding by on your bike and you circled around to find me and I was gone? I took off and hid for a reason you crazy asshole. I'm glad I have never seen or heard from you since then, you took advantage of me and made me feel less then what I am. You took up way too much of my life and I hope you are exactly where I left you, alone and pathetically self-centred. You don't deserve a final sit-down, or a last coffee, or hashing it out, whatever the hell you want to call it, anybody who puts a hand on me doesn't get that opportunity.  OH, and I hope that little ED problem of yours has only gotten worse with time. Eat shit and die.
    Dear Ex (3),
    I actually really regret the way we left things, you were my best friend before things changed. I wish I could of helped you....I knew you, yaknow? You didn't have to hide from me, I didn't care that you were gay, I wanted to help you and you pushed me away. Maybe I did the wrong thing, trying to be so open and nonchalant about the whole deal, I thought that was what you needed. I didn't realize until later on that you were not as comfortable with being gay as I thought you were. I probably should of just said nothing and pretended right along with you, instead I pushed you in a vain attempt to try and make your pain go away. I thought if you could just be who you were and had a strong person in your corner, you would come out of that funk you were in, be free to be yourself.  But it didn't......You are undoubtably successful in your career I would imagine, you were the probably one of the most technically intelligent people I have ever met. I just hope you are successful in your personal life as well....I hope you have someone that loves you and that you love back, I hope that you have friends and comfort and a sense of self that you are happy with. I hope that you finally learned to love yourself too, as a man, woman, or both. 
  14. Is the creeper guy stalking you or your ex?
    The creeper guy is calling and driving by the house.  Apparently, he wants to apologize... again.  Without the ex.   The ex wants to "talk".   Fuck both of them.  I do my best to avoid stupid drama and it just drops into my lap.  
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    <div><div><span><span>hope you're well. probably shouldn't message you, but found myself thinking of you this evening. lurline is loving the fall air temps. sometimes i wonder at how people drift apart, but i also know how i was before i got truly clean. and let go of everything, because all that matters is the present and maybe lining up the future a bit.

    i don't know. life is pretty crazy. i'm sorry for being everything you didn't deserve. i hope your life is balancing out your past with me. look at this, i must not have many friends... typing out a novella for you of all people. guess i'll leave off with a well wishing, so.. be well. you deserve so much to be happy.</span></span>
    <span><span>- copy/paste from facebook</span></span>

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    Judging by your other thread have you thought about a restraining order against creeper friend guy? That's not good sounding at all dude.
  18. I gave my 100% the whole way through and I wish you would have realized. I never lied about anything to you and just because you didn't want to be with me you make a whole bunch of bullshit lies and then get engaged to someone else?
    It was a great experience, but fuck off.
    More than thought about it.  I looked into it.  Found out the cost with lawyer's fees could be up to 5,000 dollars.  I don't know about you but i don't have that kind of money.  

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