A message for our friendly police.

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  1. I have a plant. You have a gun pointed at me. Who's realy the criminal?
  2. You, by breaking a law. Being a criminal is doing anything against the law.
  3. So the police can go and point guns at people becuase of a plant [that btw alcohol kills more people each year than drugs] but if i hold my gardener at gun point ill probley be shot and killed? dont you think something isnt right here?
  4. We're all criminals. We are all wanted by the law. I'm going to turn myself in tomorrow morning.
  5. Eh... Technically holding a baby is a crime too... If you stole that baby.
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    He paid for the weed though. Unless he grew it
  7. To each his own.

    They do their job and we do ours, no hard feelings.
  8. What if the plant was made of dildos and I was terrorizing little kids with it. Now whos the criminal. Ask yourself that.
  9. Well the national anthem goes something like...

    I Pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the Untied States of America.
    And to the republic, for wich it stands, one nation under God.
    Indivisible, with liberty and justice for less than majority.
  10. Nah dude THIS is a message to our friendly police.

    Dear sir.

    If you look out the window you will see a sniper no? well he see's you please do not react or i will blow your fucking face off, here is my request oh nice curtans by the way but anyway i would like you to legalize marijuana today, or else i wll send ninja assasin squad and to put canvas begind you and i will shoot you in the face and it will make a nice painting then i will go home and try to sell it to your family when they say yes i will say a free bag of toys comes with it and i will give them your body bag.

    That's a bit dark so i will just say now i did not do that :D

  11. lol'd, + rep

    your the criminal, weed is still illegal. BTW pointing a gun at someone isn't a crime.

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  13. Yeah, because thats their job, and they dont know if you have a gun or not. For all they know you're just waiting to shoot them in the face
  14. You don't have the authority to hold anyone at gun point.
    1. Police officers are trained in the profession so they know what they are doing. You don't, or at least to their knowledge you don't.
    2. And they also believe what they believe, and that's that pot is bad. (Minus a handful of them). So for you to grow something that is "potentially life threatening" is ridiculous in their eyes. Just as them pointing a gun at you you for something "completely harmless" is ridiculous.

  15. im pretty sure buying a baby is illegal too though

  16. the voice of logic has spoken
  17. Yes... it is a crime....

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