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  1. Hey guys n' gals,

    I'm super new to growing but Ive been home from over seas for six months and have been a medical patient each of the months I have been back because of my amputation that happened while I was serving.

    My question:

    Because law size restrictions and available space where I live I will only be able to have a 4ft tall 4ft wide 4ft deep pre-made cabinet to grow in. I was looking around and was wondering, if I fill the floor space with 1gal pots and only veg two weeks what could my yield really be with the 15 plants im allowed to have flowering at once?

    So 1gal pots, 2 weeks veg, 8-10 weeks flowering all together.
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    Its really hard to say it depends on the strains mostly. For the space you have you either want to LST a small number of larger/longer veg plants, or, considering you want the grow fast, add one more week of veg and screen of green the whole thing. 2 week veg yields very short plants, you would be lucky to see 5G per plant.

    This is my chemdog plant when it was at 11 days of veg: http://forum.grasscity.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=882755&d=1337284506

    As you can see the amount of bud that could grow on that would be very small.
  3. To accomplish the best results with 2 weeks of veg you are going to have to use clones. Or another method that would probably be effective in your situation would be LST as Panda suggested.
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    Wow this is all a lot more complicated then I ever imagined!
    I'm just looking into a technique were I can grow in a cabnet around 4 wide 6 ft tall 4ft deep and get maybe 2 ounces a month. Any suggestions for something like that?

    Also what does LST mean?
  5. I forgot to mention that chemdog pic is from seed, a clone would be much larger.

    LST means 'low stress training'. You bend the branches during veg and hold them down with bent wire, or string to make them grow horizontal - not vetical. As the stem grows it will get longer obviously and turn upwards towards the light, you repeat the process until you run out of soil. Usually LST leads to use a screen - a chicken wire mesh. Once you run out of soil to pin branches into you start topping and spreading the branches into the mesh. There's main good in-depth guides on here about it.

    For your situation as tokenkopf said you should try and get your hands on clones. Growing from seed on a veg of anything less than 6 weeks is not going to yield what you are looking for. If you can get your hands on clones, then grow the clones for 2 weeks and then start flowering, you'll have plenty of bud. If not then grow 8 bigger plants from seed - if I had the space you do I'd grow 8 plants on a 6 week veg, and stagger them (plant 2 plants, wait 2 weeks and so on).
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    If I grew 8 plants on a 6 week veg cant I start flowering them all together? Why 2 at a time? To increase veg time / size of the others while getting a steady flower process from the previous 2 planted or because size restraints?
    Also if I put stagger them 2 by 2 then I would need a veg room and a flower instead of just converting lights during veg/flower wouldnt I?
  7. You could partition the same room to have lights for each section. The only reason to stagger the plants is so that 10 or so weeks later, provided you keep the stagger going as you start shifting plants to flower you will be harvesting two plants. Those will take two weeks to fully cure, and then you will harvest another two plants - and so on. Its called a perpetual grow. None of that is necessary - its only what I would prefer to do to keep an indefinite supply going. Staggering will not affect the quality of the plants for the better or worse.
  8. I see what you mean. Doing this on a tight budget is showing this isnt a very smart idea the more i look deeper and deeper into it =/
  9. With a 16 sq ft footprint you could grow a helluva lot for a personal user. You said something about 2 oz per month -- do you literally want to be harvesting on an ongoing basis, such as every month, or would it be OK for you to reap one big harvest and then have a stash that lasts you several months until the next bountiful harvest?

    I also don't understand the restrictions you are imposing of 2 weeks veg and 1-gal pots. Why not longer and/or bigger? Since you are limited by number of plants, not by weight, I suggest you want each plant to be as big as possible, and to do that you should veg longer (will create more budsites for when you do flower), use training like LST (also creates more budsites but also many other benefits), and use larger pots such as 5-gal (to have a bigger plant above the soil you need a bigger root system below).

    Potentially you could put about 16 plants in there, if you use 5-gal pots and veg for more like 6-8 weeks used LST, and didn't skimp on lighting or soil or nutes, you could be looking at a quarter-pound or more per plant.
  10. The biggest expense you will encounter will be lights, nutes, ph up/down, fans etc you can find lots of great ways to save money in the DIY sections on this forum which show you tonnes of ways to do things on the cheap such as build your own light reflectors etc
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    Marijuana BUDS for less - Grow 8 oz. of bud for less than $100 b (download torrent) - TPB

    This is a free book.Youll need a torrent downloader if you dont have 1.Bit torrent,and utorrent are 2 i can think of.DL the left option.

    I dont know what kind of lights you wanted to use,but this guy shows amazing results under CFL's.Although you could use whatever lights you want.

    He also explains a ton of stuff you need to know to have highly successful grows.


    Also this guy has a great organic method he uses.I plan on tryn myself soon.


    Then if you click on his sig a few posts down he shows a basic starter mixture.

    Making soil this way means no fertilizer throught the whole life its in the soil.Just add water,and no PH problems for the most part I believe.

    BTW thanks for your service.People like you help preserve our way of life.Anyhting else you wanna know just ask.


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