A Marijunana Rap (1 Verse)

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  1. http://youtu.be/ieaMdeoMSeM
    Listen to this beat if you need it while reading it (I wrote it without a beat)
    Uhhhh yeah
    Times passing 4:19 one minute away
    420 nigga until the end of my days
    A stoner, west side born and raised
    Now start to get the bowl packed, lets blaze
    Bong rip so hard calling it the smoke stack
    California man, where the dank is grown at
    Shits no mystery, that schwag is history
    Everyone want it when I'm packing the chronic
    but here everyones happy with calling the green
    So everyone pull out your bic, grab that herb
    Get yo piece and flick a flame that you deserve
    Because when your high your at peace with earth.
    Please rate it 1-5.
    I appreciate critics, but please tell me whats wrong with it, not just saying it sucks.

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    Hey Hey Man!
    Walkin down the beach,
    I Think,
    bout the place ive reached,
    bout the home ive found,
    love the waves crashin sound,
    plop my ass in the sand on the ground,
    bring my hash pen to face!
    Take a dab to make them stoners proud! Yeah!
    Throw the ball down the beach,
    watch my dog, reach,
    before i can blink,
    I feel my feet,
    Have left the ground,
    I love the life ive found! :smoke:
    I really liked that beat lol good choice my man!
    Gunna keep writing with this one ill post a rap over the beat later lol 
  3. I fucks with it
  4. Do you live in 804 by any chance? You remind me of someone
  5. This is a rhyme i did called "Hesitation"
    Yo Yo
    Check it
    Check it
    Uh yeah
    Check it
    check it
    what? what?
    Im going in
    Im going in
    What? What?
    ayo check it
    check it
    uh yeah
    one two
    one two
    one two
    one two
  6. not that great id say a 3...i listen to potluck though and thats their main style
  7. Sounds like a generic Cannabis rap in my honest opinion. 
  8. uhh
    just pulled up in my coupe no top
    bout to buy some moccasins, tags gunna pop
    corner store robed by the mail mans mom
    no fears when they see me enter like cheech and chong
    this right here is the end of my song
    not yet high where'd i put my bong

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