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  1. Hey blades, just wanted some insight on a huge life decision I made about three months ago.

    I lived in south jersey for my entire life, 19 years pretty much. But I have a cousin who lives in California, so I visited him frequently. I loved how beautiful the state was, how friendly the people were, and always wanted to go there for college after high school.
    So after talking with my cousin and his girlfriend, they decided to let me stay with them while I got on my feet out here in California. It's been a fun and interesting ride, but nothing has been working out. School fucked me over with financial aid bullshit, I've yet to find a job because it's so difficult and I've been working my ass off, and I haven't been able to make a single friend because I've been focusing on jobs so I could get my own apartment.
    And finally my cousin had a talk with me, saying he knows it's hard and stuff but I've got to find a job or get out pretty much. And I've been trying, really. I havent smoked in almost 4 months, and I've been applying to pretty much anywhere and everywhere and following up, doing the normal shit.

    So blades, do you guys think that I'm a failure because of me not being able to accomplish my goal and having to move back home? Sorry to sound like a bitch and if you're going to just flame me, I don't really care. I just needed somewhere to post this because no one really seems to care.
  2. just sounds like you got fucked because the economy is shit.

    so dont get down on yourself man
  3. Thanks. I just don't know if I'm gonna be able to face everyone back home, I know they're gonna call me a failure but I tried.
  4. Have you applied at fast food? I know they are normally hiring tons of people. Better a shitty job then no job. :wave:
  5. This is why fast food restaraunte exist man. Hit them all up. Then once you have steady income look for a better job. Headshop?

  6. I applied to the ones around here, taco bell, McDonalds, KFC. I mean I've gotten interviews with them and then they just tell me they've hired someone else. It sucks.
  7. No, you are not a failure. You sound like an honest, hard working man who is doing all the smart things like getting a haircut before going on job interviews and shit like that. Wear a tie. Re-apply. Keep going. Stay in California.

    Good Luck!
  8. shit bro i hear you, i just recently got a call back from mc donalds, never thought i worked there but shit u got to do what you to do, ive been spending alot of my dads money that he put away for me for college or what ever, spent alot of it and feel really bad, but ever since i got back home, in my home town, i become a alcoholic i drink about 6 days a week, not sure what happened to me.. i used to have standards you know.. but now i drink all the fucking time, im defiantly an alcoholic been drinking almost every day since summer spent around 10K and now im working down the college fund and am really embarrassed about it..

  9. I have been right there, my man. And you gotta put that beer down. That shit will take a man down. You gotta cut that out.
  10. Who the fuck willingly moves to commiefornia?
  11. i just cant man, i drink because i cant sleep, and drinking helps me sleep at night, i have the urge to drink every night just to sleep.. i have no idea what happened to me.. im just so fucked right now, i spend 3k of my dads money on who knows what mostly beer and other things, but ive spent so much god dam money.

    the thing is it runs in the family my mom is a drunk, my brother is a drunk, my grand father is a drunk, just runs in the blood, some thing happens to us once we have a drink, and it just fucks us up. im from a long line of alcoholics and here i am following that path. i love drinking, getting fucked up with friends is alot of fun, but man when does it stop, so far im on a 2 month binge of non stop drinking ever since i am legal age every thing was less of a priority, the most important thing was drinking.
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    Dude its holiday season. Retail need alot of ppl esp big storeslike macys kohls sears, etc.
  13. yeah, youre right man, nowhere in your entire body is it even remotely possible to gain the will to quit drinking.
  14. you dont even know what i been threw, take your condescending remarks and leave.

  15. I know the feeling I am an alcoholic. I don'
    t fuck with it any more, though. Because I was only self-medicating with the alcohol. Once I got treated for the underlying disorders, I didn't need alcohol anymore. And I don't miss it. I am cool with a beer once in a while.

    But it sounds like you wish to modify your own behavior, and that is up to you.

    You can do it!
  16. man how tho? so many things ive seen, so much fucked up shit has happened to me, i just recently let out a big secret of me to a family friend, i think thats what has been causeing me to drink. i like to drink man, but the during the weeks shit is getting ridiculous man. like right now its a thursday night and im surrounded by 8-9 beer bottles, make that 7 but going for my 8 after this. this only really started after i stopped smoking, i dont really, i just have this itch to fuck off with this reality, because this reality has fucked me, literally.
  17. Talk to a therapist or a shrink perhaps? to help get your head straight...

    But ultimately drinking can only do so much for you and then it gets to the point where it is bad for you.

    Why not smoke weed?
  18. lol, my head has been twisted ever since i can remember man. i know drinking is not the answer, but i kno it helps me sleep at night, why not smoke bud? i would love to go back to those days, i would fucking love it man.
  19. why cant you?

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